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Uhtred of Galloway Lord of Galloway
(Abt 1100-1174)
Gunhild of Northumberland
Richard de Morville
(Abt 1125-1189)
Hawise de Lancaster
Roland of Galloway Lord of Galloway
(1164-Bef 1200)
Helen de Morville
Alan FitzRoland of Galloway Lord of Galloway
(-Abt 1234)


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2. de Lacy
3. Margaret of Huntingdon
  • Devorguilla of Galloway+
  • Christian of Galloway
4. Rose de Lacy

Alan FitzRoland of Galloway Lord of Galloway 1 2 3 4

  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Marriage (2): de Lacy between 9 Dec 1200 and 1206
  • Marriage (3): Margaret of Huntingdon in 1209 in Dundee, Scotland, GB
  • Marriage (4): Rose de Lacy about 1228-1229
  • Died: Abt 2 Feb 1234
  • BuriedMale: Dundrennan Abbey, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, DG6, GB

  General Notes:

ALAN of Galloway, son of ROLAND Lord of Galloway & his wife Helen de Moreville (-[2] Feb 1234, bur Dundraynan). He succeeded his father in 1200 as Lord of Galloway. "Alanus filius Rollandi de Galwythia" donated "partem terre in territorio de Gillebeccokestun…de Widhope" to Melrose abbey, for the souls of "Ricardi de Morevill avi mei et Willemi avunculi mei, Rollandi patris mei et…mea et Helene matris mee", by undated charter. "Alanus filius Rolandi dominus Galwath[ie] et Scocie constabularius" donated annual revenue to St Bees by undated charter, witnessed by "Alano filio Ketelli, Alano de Camerton, Gilberto filio Gospatrici…". "Thomas de Colevilla cognomento Scot" donated "quartam partam de Almelidum…Keresban" to Melrose abbey by undated charter witnessed by "…Alano filio Rolandi de Galewai, Fergus filio Uctredi, Edgaro filio Douenad, Dunkano filio Gilbti comite de Carric…". "Alanus fili Rolandi de Galweia constabularius dni regis Scottorum" donated property "in Ulkelyston" to Kelso monastery, for the souls of "patris mei Rolandi, avi mei Huhtredi", by charter dated to [1206]. The Annals of Dunstable record that "dominus Galwinć" died in 1235. The Liber Pluscardensis records the death in [1234] of "Alanus de Galway filius Rotholandi de Galway…qui…fuit constabilarius Scocić" and his burial "apud Dundranan". The Chronicle of Lanercost records the death "circa purificacionem beatć Virginis" [2 Feb] in 1233 of "Alanus dominus Galwydić". On his death Galway was divided between his daughters, but the people of Galway invited Alexander II King of Scotland to become their sole lord but he refused. The king finally defeated the insurgents after Jul 1235.

[m firstly (before [19 Dec 1200/1206]) --- de Lacy, daughter of ROGER de Lacy Constable of Chester & his wife Maud de Clare (-[1201/06]). Keith Stringer says that "one of the daughters of Roger de Lacy was evidently Alan´s first wife" and that "the manor of Kippax" was her dowry, quoting a charter, dated to [19 Dec 1200/1206], under which "Alanus filius Rollandi, dominus Galuuaith Scotie constabularius…et heredibus meis" gave quitclaim to "Rogero de Lascy Cestrie constabularius et heredibus suis" for "advocationem ecclesie de Kipeis".]

m [secondly] --- [of the Isles, daughter of REGINALD Lord of the Isles & his wife Fonie ---] (-before 1209). Balfour Paul says that Alan Lord of Galloway married first "a lady unknown, said to be a daughter of Reginald Lord of the Isles by whom he had two daughters". The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified.

m [thirdly] (Dundee 1209) MARGARET of Huntingdon, daughter of DAVID of Scotland Earl of Huntingdon & his wife Matilda of Chester ([1194]-[after 6 Jan 1233]). The Chronicle of Melrose records the marriage in 1209 of "Alan FitzRoland" and "the daughter of earl David, the brother of the king of Scotland". The Annales Londonienses name "Margaretam, Isabellam, Matildam, et Aldam" as the four daughters of "comiti David", recording the marriage of "la primere fille Davi" and "Aleyn de Gavei". John of Fordun´s Scotichronicon (Continuator) records the marriage in 1208 "apud Dunde" of "Alanus magnus de Galweyia, filius Rotholandi" and "Margaretam filiam David comitis de Huntingtona". The primary source which confirms her appearance in Jan 1233 has not been identified. The date is inconsistent with Alan´s subsequent marital history, unless his marriage to Margaret was dissolved.

m [fourthly] (before 30 Mar 1222, annulled for consanguinity [1225/29]) JULIANA, daughter of ---. Anderson records that Pope Honorius III wrote to the archbishop of Canterbury and others 30 Mar 1222 informing them that Alan constable of Scotland and his wife were related in a prohibited degree of affinity, and wrote again 28 Feb 1225 reported the hearing before the abbot of Bruern of the marriage of "Alan knight and Juliana". Anderson states that Alan continued to litigate and that Juliana appeared in Rome before the Pope who "bade the archbishop examine the original acts and decide the case if Alan would not accept the woman as his wife", and adds that "Juliana seems to have lost the case".

m [fifthly] ([1228/29]) ROSE de Lacy, daughter of HUGH de Lacy & [his first wife Lesceline de Verdun] (-after 1237). According to Matthew Paris, the wife of Alan of Galloway "iam defunctus" was the (unnamed) daughter of "Hugonem de Lasey". The Chronicle of Lanercost records in 1229 that "Alan the lord of Galloway…set out for Ireland and there married the daughter of Hugh de Lacy". John of Fordun´s Scotichronicon (Continuator) records that "Alanus de Galweia profectus in Hiberniam" married "filiam Hugonis de Lacy" in 1228. If her parentage and marriage is correctly stated in the two sources quoted, the chronology suggests that this daughter must have been born from Hugh´s first marriage, assuming that she was legitimate. She is named "Rose de Lacy" by Keith Stringer, who cites a charter of St Bees which indicates that she was still alive in 1237.

Lord Alan & his [first/second] wife had two children: Helen and [a daughter]

Lord Alan & his [first/second/third] wife had two children: Walter and Thomas.

Lord Alan & his [third] wife had two children: Devorguilla and Christian.

Lord Alan had one illegitimate child by an unknown mistress: Thomas.

Alan married.

Alan next married de Lacy, daughter of Roger de Lacy Constable of Chester and Matilda de Clare, between 9 Dec 1200 and 1206. (de Lacy died between 1201 and 1206.)

Alan next married Margaret of Huntingdon, daughter of David Dunkeld 8th Earl of Huntingdon and Matilda of Chester, in 1209 in Dundee, Scotland, GB. (Margaret of Huntingdon was born about 1194 and died after 6 Jan 1233.)

Alan next married Rose de Lacy, daughter of Hugh de Lacy 1st Earl of Ulster and Lesceline de Verdun, about 1228-1229. (Rose de Lacy died after 1237.)


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