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Ivo d'Harcourt
(-After 1166)
Rohese Peverel
Richard [II] de Camville
Robert [I] d'Harcourt
(-After 1202)
Isabel de Camville
William [I] d'Harcourt


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William [I] d'Harcourt 1

  • Died: 1223 2
  • BuriedMale: Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR1 2LA, GB 2

  General Notes:

WILLIAM [I] de Harcourt, son of ROBERT [I] de Harcourt & his wife Millicent de Camville (-[2 Jan/6 Apr] 1223, bur Worcester Cathedral). Lord of Stanton Harcourt (Oxfordshire) and Stretton (Leicestershire). He acquired Ellenhall (Staffordshire) from his wife's family. Governor of Corfe Castle, Dorset: Matthew Paris records, in 1212, prophecies issued by "in provincia Eboracensi heremita...Petrus" who was handed by King John to "Willelmus de Harecurt" who imprisoned him for three years at Corfe. Matthew Paris records, in 1218, the arrival at Damieta in Egypt of "...Willelmo de Harecourt cum æquela multa...". William de Harcourt donated property to the church of Alveley, Shropshire by charter dated 2 Jan 1223 (N.S.). An order dated 6 Apr 1223 instructed the Sheriff of Leicester to impound crops of "executores testamenti Willi de Harecurt" until a debt was paid to the king. An order was dated to [Jun] 1223 to confiscate "chattels formerly of William de Harcourt" to pay his debt to the king.

m (1201) ALICE Noel, daughter of THOMAS Noel of Ellenhall, Staffordshire & his wife Margaret Lestrange (-after [1226/28]). The Rotulus Cancellarii records "Willelmus de Harecurt" making a fine for "hnda filia primogenita Tom Noel", in Warwickshire and Leicestershire, dated [27 May 1201/26 May 1202]. "Thom Noel" paid a fine for the marriage of "filia sua juniore…filio Eustac fil Steph" in Shropshire, and "Will de Harcurt" paid a fine to marry "filia primogenita predicti Thomæ" in Leicestershire, dated 1201. "Alice de Harcourt and Joan her sister, daughters and heiresses of Margaret Lestrange" made a fine for "their relief of half a knight´s fee…that Margaret held of the king in chief in Alveley and Weston" in Shropshire, dated 15 Apr 1222. "Alicia de Harecurt" donated land "cum corpore meo…in villa de Bruggeford" to Ronton priory, for the souls of "Thomæ Noel patris mei et…domini mei Willelmi de Harcurt", by undated charter. The Testa de Nevill includes a list of landholdings in Shropshire, dated to [1226/28], which includes "Matildis le Estrange et Alicia de Harecurt et Johanna Noel tenent de domino rege manerium de Alvitheleg".

William & his wife had one child: Richard. 2


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