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Robert [II] Mauduit Chamberlain of the Exchequer
(-Between 1217/1222)
Isabella Basset
(-Between 1225/1225)
Waleran de Beaumont 4th Earl of Warwick
(Bef 1153-Abt 1203)
Alice d'Harcourt
(-After 1212)
William [IV] Mauduit Chamberlain of the Exchequer
(Abt 1196-Bef 1257)
Alice of Warwick
(Abt 1196-Between 1247/1263)
William [V] Mauduit 8th Earl of Warwick, Chamberlain of the Exchequer
(Abt 1220/1221-1267)


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1. Alice de Segrave

William [V] Mauduit 8th Earl of Warwick, Chamberlain of the Exchequer 2

  • Born: Abt 1220-1221 3
  • Marriage (1): Alice de Segrave 1
  • Died: 8 Jan 1267 aged about 47
  • BuriedMale: Westminster Abbey, 20 Deans Yard, Westminster, London, SW1P 3PA, GB

  General Notes:

WILLIAM [V] Mauduit ([1220/21]-8 Jan 1267, bur Westminster Abbey). He succeeded his father in [1257] in his lands and as joint hereditary Chamberlain of the Exchequer. He succeeded in 1263 as Earl of Warwick on the death of Earl John du Plessis, second husband of his first cousin Margery Ctss of Warwick. A writ dated 20 Jan "52 Hen III", after the death of "William Maudut…earl of Warwick", names "William de Bello Campo the younger, son of hs sister Isabel deceased who was married to William de Bello Campo the elder, age variously stated as 26 and more, and 30 and more, is his heir".

m ALICE de Segrave, daughter of GILBERT de Segrave & his wife Amabil de Chaucombe (-after 8 Jan 1268). A writ dated 20 Jan "52 Hen III", after the death of "William Maudut…earl of Warwick", records that "Alice late his wife seeks her dower".


• Title: 8th Earl of Warwick (bef 14 Feb 1257- ); Hereditary Chamberlain of the Exchequer. 3

• Manorial Estate, 1257-1267, Barrowden Manor, Barrowden, Oakham, Rutland, LE15, GB. 4 At the time of the Domesday Survey the king held BARROWDEN with its members, Seaton, Thorpe, Morcott, Bisbrooke, Glaston and Luffenham. (fn. 16) Henry I farmed the manor of Barrowden for £20 to William de Albini. (fn. 17) Barrowden seems to have been granted to Maud, queen of Henry I (1100\endash 1118), who gave Barrowden, Luffenham, Seaton and Thorpe to Michael de Hanslope, and they then became part of the Barony of Hanslope (co. Bucks). (fn. 18) Michael left a daughter Maud, who was given in marriage by the king to William Mauduit, son of William Mauduit of the Domesday Survey. (fn. 19) Barrowden was confirmed to William Mauduit, son of William Mauduit and Maud Hanslope his wife, about 1141, (fn. 20) with the soke which Michael de Hanslope had there, and he paid 100 marks of gold as relief. (fn. 21) He received releases from William the chaplain, son of Robert de Hanslope, and Roger son of William de Albini, for all claims which they had by inheritance from their fathers. (fn. 22) He married Isabel daughter of Simon de St. Liz, Earl of Northampton, (fn. 23) and was succeeded about 1196 by his son Robert, (fn. 24) who held Barrowden in 1210\endash 12 by the service of being chamberlain. (fn. 25) Robert and his son William Mauduit both took arms against King John and forfeited their lands. In 1217 both returned to fealty to Henry III, and their lands were restored. (fn. 26) William married Alice daughter of Waleran de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick, and died holding Barrowden in 1256. (fn. 27) He was succeeded by his son William, who became Earl of Warwick in 1263. He married Alice daughter of Gilbert de Segrave, but died without issue in January 1268. (fn. 28) Barrowden then passed to William de Beauchamp the younger, son of his late sister Isabel.

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• Manorial Estate, 1257-1267, Hawridge Manor, Hawridge, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5, GB. 5 The manor of HAWRIDGE is not mentioned in the Survey of 1086, and is first referred to in the 13th century, when it was held of the honour of Wallingford, (fn. 5) to which it remained attached as late as 1507. (fn. 6) In 1560, however, it was said to be held in free socage of Sir Francis Knollys as of his manor of Wingrave. (fn. 7)

Hawridge must have been included among the possessions of which Thurstan Basset died seised c. 1223 and passed to his daughter Isabel, widow of Robert Mauduit. (fn. 8) Their son William Mauduit (fn. 9) held here in 1235, (fn. 10) and was succeeded at his death about 1257 by his son Sir William Mauduit, afterwards Earl of Warwick. (fn. 11) On his death without issue about 1268 his estates passed to his nephew and heir William Beauchamp Earl of Warwick, (fn. 12) who in 1284 occupied the position of mesne lord. (fn. 13) This intermediary lordship is last heard of in 1300, when it was held by Guy his son and heir. (fn. 14)

The John Beauchamp who was holding the manor in fee in 1284 (fn. 15) was probably the brother of the ninth Earl of Warwick. (fn. 16)

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• Manorial Estate, 1257-1268, Weston Mauduit, Weston-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, GB. 6 In 1086 an estate of 4 hides in Weston which Baldwin had formerly held had come into the hands of Hugh de Grentemaisnil and was held of him by Roger. (fn. 18) Most of Hugh's estates passed to the Earl of Leicester, (fn. 19) but Weston evidently was acquired by the Earl of Warwick. It seems probable that Weston was given by Earl Waleran (1184\endash 1204) with his daughter Alice in marriage to William Mauduit, as at the death of Waleran's grandson Earl Thomas in 1242 WESTON MAUDUIT was held of him as half a knight's fee by William Mauduit. (fn. 20) This William's son William became Earl of Warwick in 1263, and on his death in 1268 it was stated that he had alienated lands worth £15 yearly in Weston. (fn. 21)

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• Inquisition, 14 Feb 1257. 7 387. William Mauduyt alias Maudut. Writ, 14 Feb. 41 Hen. III. Inq. (undated.)

Sir William, his son, age variously stated as 34 and 36, is his heir. Buckingham. Hamslapp manor, held of the king in chief by 1 knight's fee and 2 parts of 1 knight's fee.


Writ, 25 Feb. 41 Hen. III.

Inq. (undated.)

Hertlegh, 4 carucates land held of the king in chief by service of being Chamberlain of the Exchequer.


Writ, 8 March, 41 Hen. III.

Inq. (undated.)

Berwedon manor and Wrongedik hundred, held of the king in chief by ½ knight's fee.

Cottesmore and Gretham towns, 30l. land held of the earl of War [wick] by service of ¼ knight's fee.

C. Hen. III. File 20. (2.)

• Inquisition: Post mortem, 20 Jan 1268. 8 679. William Maudut alias Mauduyt, Mauduth, earl of Warwick.

Writ, 20 Jan., 52 Hen. III.

He had no heir of his body; William de Bello Campo the younger, son of his sister Isabel deceased who was married to William de Bello Campo the elder, age variously stated as 26 and more, and 30 and more, is his heir.

... Extent ..., [52 ?] Hen. III. (fragment).

... manor and advowson ... of the king of the honour ...

[Rutland.] Extent, Tuesday before the Purification, 52 Hen. III. Berudon manor and advowson, with the advowson of Sutluffeham church (extent given); the manor was the king's ancient demesne, and King Henry the old (vetus) gave it to the ancestors of William Maudut, service unknown

[_.] Extent, Wednesday after the Purification. Langedich. A court, garden, &c., worth 26s. 8d. yearly, arable land worth 6s. 8d., 3s. 10d. rent of assize, and ½a. meadow, tenure unspecified.

[Gloucester.] Extent, Tuesday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 52 Hen. III. Cheddewrth manor (extent given), tenure unspecified; but Robert de Camera holds there 1/5 knight's fee, and Richard de Bosco (holds) by serjeanty of being the king's pantler for 3 feasts yearly.

[Southampton.] Extent, The morrow of St. Vincent, 52 Hen. III.

Hortleie manor (extent given with names of tenants), including 1 carucate land held by Gilbert Conan by service of ¼ knight's fee, 2 virgates held by Richard de Houtot by service of 1 clove gillyflower, and 1 virgate held by William de Borhunte by service of 1/16 knight's fee, held of the king in chief by service of ½ knight's fee, and he was the king's Chamberlain at his exchequer in London by reason of this manor, and used to have a clerk there continually, to whom he gave 100s. yearly at least.

Hindesham. 10s. rent of assize.

Winchester. ½ mark.

Warwick. Extent (undated).
Warwick castle and borough (extent given), with the advowsons of the churches of St. Mary, where there are eight prebends, and St. James; including land and park at Wegenok', the fishpond of Pakkemor with the park, pastures called Magna Linch, le Putsiche, le Mucheleput, le Litleput, le Ling juxta Coppeswelle, and le Longsiche versus Cleyputtes, and the meadow of Mitton and le Homme in the meadow of St. Nicholas, and the meadow under the warren. He held the whole honour of the earldom of Warwick, of the king by service of 2 knights.

[Warwick.] Extent, Monday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 52 Hen. III.
Braill manor (extent given) held of the earldom of Warwick of the king in chief by the service due for the whole earldom. Knights' fees held of the manor:'97 Chiriton, 1 knight's fee held by Ralph de Wylinton. Wynderton, ½ fee held by Sir Roger de Clifford. Chelemudecote, ½ fee held by Sir Henry Hubaud. Braill, ¼ fee held by Sir Peter de Monteforti; and 1/6 fee held by Sir N. de Segrave. There is no advowson pertaining to the manor.

[Warwick.] Schedule of knights' fees (defaced):'97 (Unspecified,) 1 fee held by ... le Boteler. Pakinton, 1 fee by the prior of Kennilewrth. (Unspecified,) 1/10 fee by William de Ardena. (Unspecified,) 4 fees? by John de Verdun. Berkeswell, ½ fee by Richard de Mundeville. Listesvirn (?), ½ fee by the said Richard. [Lodbroc ?] 1 fee by John de Lodbroc. Fullbroc, ½ fee by Henry Hubaud. Grafton, ½ fee by William de Ardern. [Compton Murdak ?] 1 fee by William Murdac. Chalmundeccote, ½ fee. [Compton Winyate ?] ½ fee by Thomas de Cumpton Windgate. Chyriton, 1 fee by Ralph de Wiliton. Herberbury, 1 fee by William le Megre. Cumpton, 3 parts (?) of 1 fee by Geoffrey Saumpson. Willeby, ½ fee by the master of St. John, Oxford. [Walecot,] 1/5 fee by ... de Walecot. Lodbroc, 1/5 fee by Roger de Sutham. Rodburn, ½ fee by William de Ardern. Lockesle, 1 fee by the prior of Kenill[worth]. Bodewrth and Wilie, 1 fee by Henry Hastin. Napton, 1/10 fee by Thomas de Ardern. Folebro and Wodecote, ½ fee. Cumpton, ½ fee by William Murdac. Radeford, ½ fee by William de Simely. Morton, ½ fee by John son of Alan. [Ludinton,] ¼ fee by Ralph de Ludinton. Wrlmeleston, 1 fee by John Pecch. Pillardinton, 1 fee. [Haleford ?] ¼ fee by the heirs of Richard de Haleford. Wilmecote, 1 fee by Thomas de Caunvile. Dercet, ¼ fee by the same. Sekindon, fee by the same. Clinton, 1 fee by Geoffrey Sauvage. Billesle, 1 fee by William Trussel. Winderton, ½ fee by Walter Deyvile. Soteswell, 1 fee by John son of Guy. Breles, 1/6 fee by Nicholas de Sedgrave. Snitenefeld, 1 fee by Thomas de Clinton. [Warwick,] 1/10 fee by Richard de Warr'. Fennicumpton, ½ fee by Richard Pecch. Wichurch, 1 fee by Peter de Monteforti. (Unspecified,) fee by William Paumer and Simon de Fraunkton. Hodenhull, 1/5 fee by John Goremund. Walt[on], 1 fee by Walter Deyvile. Chesewik (?), ¼ fee by William de Ulnhale. Wellesburn and Cherlecote, 1 fee by Peter de Monteforti. Cocton, ½ fee by Robert de Bruylli. Breles, fee by Peter de Monteforti. Ecleshale, 1/8 fee. Fennicumpton, ¼ fee by the prior of Clatercote. Estleg, Morton and Donesmor, 2½ fees by ... de Estley. Wetonton, 1 fee. Merston Wavre, 1/6 fee.

Writ to the sheriff of Gloucester to extend the lands alienated by the said earl, of which Alice, late his wife, seeks her dower, 9 Feb., 52 Hen. III. [...]

Extent (undated and mostly illegible).

Heywod. A little wood worth 4s. yearly; total of the extent 9l. 7s. 5d.

[Gloucester.] Inq. (undated). Cheddewr'. ½ virgate land was sold by the said earl to Walwyn de Falcombe, rendering 2s. 8d. yearly and suit of court.

Gloucester. Inq. Tuesday after the Annunciation, 52 Hen. III. Westun. Land worth 15l. yearly was alienated by the said earl.

Writ (as above) to the sheriff of Northampton, 9 Feb., 52 Hen. III. Extent (undated).

Northampton. Eston. A messuage, 26a. land, 29s. in villenage, and 3s. 6d. rent from free tenants, were sold by the said earl after he married the said Alice to Roger le Vele.

Writ (as above) to the sheriff of Buckingham and Bedford, 9 Feb., 52 Hen. III.

Extent (undated). Bedford. Clopham and Acle. William le Brun was enfeoffed by the said earl of lands, &c. to the value of 4l. 12s. 6d., 17s. 6d. rent of free tenants, and a fishery and villenage customs, &c. to the value of 50s.

Writ (as above) to the sheriff of Rutland, 9 Feb., 52 Hen. III.

Extent, Saturday before St. Peter in Cathedra.

[Rutland.] (Unspecified.) Reginald de Nevile was enfeoffed of 9a. land after the said earl married the said Alice; Peter de Wakerle of a messuage and 1a. land; William le Chamberleyng of 2 messuages, 4½a. land, and 1r. meadow; Robert de Luffenham of 7a. land, and 7s. 7d. rent; Robert de la Siche of 1 messuage and 1 bovate land; and Richard de Seyton of tenements, &c. worth 8l. yearly.

Gretham and Cotesmor. William de Draycote was enfeoffed of 19s. rent.

Writ (as above) to the sheriff of Warwick, 9 Feb. 52 Hen. III.

[Warwick.] Extent (undated). Walton Maudut manor (extent given), was alienated by the said earl.

Warwick. Extent (undated).

Warwick. A messuage which William de Horburn holds was alienated by the said earl.

Mitton. A messuage and 1 virgate land which the master of the Hospital of St. John, Warwick, holds.

Breylis. A messuage and 1 virgate land, and a burgage, which Geoffrey le Sergaunt holds; and a croft which John Balle holds.

C. Hen. III. File. 35. (13.)

William married Alice de Segrave, daughter of Gilbert de Segrave and Amabil de Chaucombe.1 (Alice de Segrave died after 8 Jan 1268 1.)


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