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Foulques [V] d'Anjou Comte d'Anjou et de Tours, King of Jerusalem
(Between 1089/1092-1143)
Erembourg du Maine Comtesse du Maine, Dame de Château-du-Loir
Henry I of England King of England, Duc de Normandie
Matilda Dunkeld
Geoffroy V d'Anjou Comte d'Anjou et du Maine, Duc de Normandie
Matilda de Normandie Holy Roman Empress
Geoffroy VI d'Anjou Comte de Nantes


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Geoffroy VI d'Anjou Comte de Nantes

  • Born: 1 Jun 1134, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, 76000, FR 1
  • Died: 26 Jul 1158, Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, 44000, FR aged 24 1
  • BuriedMale: Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, 44000, FR

  General Notes:

GEOFFROY d'Anjou (Rouen, Normandy 1 Jun 1134-Nantes 26 Jul 1158, bur Nantes). Robert of Torigny records the birth "1134 mense Maio in Pentecoste Rothomagi" of "Gaufridus secundus filius Gaufridi comitis Andegavensis", specifying that his mother "Matildis imperatrix" was "infirmata…propter difficultatem partus usque ad desperationem". The Chronicæ Sancti Albini records the birth "1134 Kal Jun" of "Gaufridus". William of Tyre names him as his parents' second son. "Goffridus comes filius Fulconis regis Jerusalem" renounced rights to Angers with the consent of "filiis meis Henrico et Goffrido" by charter dated [1136/1140] which also names "uxori meæ Mathildi". His father intended him to succeed as Comte d'Anjou, but his brother Henri did not permit this. Geoffroy revolted against his brother in 1152 and 1156, after which his castles of Chinon, Loudun and Mirebeau were confiscated. He was appointed Comte de Nantes by his brother in 1157 after the expulsion of Comte Hoël. Matthew of Paris specifies that Geoffroy was the brother of King Henry II when he records his death in 1158, after which Nantes was transferred to his brother. Robert of Torigny records the death "1158 mense Julio" of "Gaufrido comite Nannetensi fratre Henrici regis Julio". 1


• Title: Comte de Nantes, 1156-1158. 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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