de Beauchamp
Urse d'Abetot
(-Between 1100/1110)
Walter [I] de Beauchamp of Elmley Castle, Worcestershire
(Between 1080/1095-Between 1130/1133)
Emmeline d'Abetot
William [I] de Beauchamp


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1. Bertha de Braose

William [I] de Beauchamp

  • Marriage (1): Bertha de Braose
  • Died: 1170 1
  • BuriedMale: Worcester, Worcestershire, WR1, GB

  General Notes:

WILLIAM [I] de Beauchamp (-1170, bur Worcester). Henry I King of England confirmed the inheritance by "Willelmo filio Walteri de Bello Campo, dispensario meo" of "terram totam patris sui" by charter dated to [1130/May 1133]. "M. imperatrix, Henrici regis filia et Anglorum domina" confirmed "hereditario jure castellum de Wigorn…vicecomitatum Wygorn…quam pater eius Walterus de Bellocampo…Robertus dispensator, frater Ursonis de Abbetot…manerium de Bekeford…Westonam et Luffenham in Roteland", as well as the property of "suorum proximorum parentum qui contra me fuerint in werra mea", to "Willelmo de Bello Campo" by charter dated [25/31] Jul 1141. "…Waltero de Clifford…Osberto filio Hugonis, Willielmo de Bealchamp…" witnessed the undated charter, dated to [1155], which records the donation by "Rogerus comes Herefordić" to Brecknock priory. The 1156 Pipe Roll records "Wills. de Bellocampo" at the head of the return for Worcestershire, and the 1156 and 1157 Pipe Rolls "Wills de Bello Capo" at Trentham in Staffordshire with revenue of The Annals of Tewkesbury record that "Willelmus de Bello Campo" was captured by "Radulpho de Mandeville" in 1151. Military fee certifications in the Red Book of the Exchequer, in 1166, name "Willelmus de Bello Campo vii milites…Walterus de Bello Campo, dimidium militum" among those providing military service for Westminster abbey in Worcestershire, and also record the knight fee-holders under "Willelmus de Bello Campo" in Worcestershire. The Annals of Worcester record the death in 1170 of "Willelmus de Bello Campo" and his burial "ad ostium capituli Wigornić".

m BERTHA de Briouse, daughter of [WILLIAM [II] de Briouse & his wife Bertha of Hereford]. According to Domesday Descendants, the wife of William [I] de Beauchamp was "Bertha, daughter of William II de Braose". The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified but, if it is correct, the chronology of her husband´s family suggests that she must have been one of her parents´ older children. The introduction to the Beauchamp Cartulary states that "according to an early 14th century inquest, he married Berta, a daughter of the marcher lord William de Braose c. 1140 and received with her lands in three villages in south Gloucestershire", but noting that the jurors incorrectly states that Bertha was the wife of the great-grandfather of Guy Earl of Warwick who would have been William [II] de Beauchamp. Given the birth of William [II] de Beauchamp´s children in the mid-1190s, it does not appear possible for their mother to have been the daughter of William [II] de Briouse.

William & his wife had [six] children: William, Robert, Peter, John, [Walter] and [Emma]. 1

William married Bertha de Braose, daughter of William [II] de Braose of Bramber and Abergavenny and Bertha of Hereford.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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