Alan de Dunstanville
(-Between 1141/1156)
Thomas [I] Basset of Headington
(-Abt 1180/1182)
Alice de Dunstanville
(-After 1186)
Alan Basset


Family Links

1. Alice de Grey

2. Aline de Gai

Alan Basset 1 2 3 4 5

  • Marriage (1): Alice de Grey
  • Marriage (2): Aline de Gai
  • Died: 1231 2 7 8

  General Notes:

ALAN Basset, son of THOMAS Basset [I] of Headington, Oxfordshire& his wife Alice de Dunstanville (-1231). "Thomas Bass" granted "manerium meum de Comptun cum terra de Berewic" to "Alano filio meo" by charter dated to [1180/82?], witnessed by "…Waltero de Dunstanvile, Alano de Dunstanvile, Fulcone Basset…Thoma Basset juvene…". "Thomas Basset", with the consent of "Gilleberti primogeni filii mei", granted "Cumtonam…cuius medietas fuit maritagium matris mee, altera…medietatis…fuit maritagium uxoris mee matris eorum" to "Alano filio meo fratri suo" by charter dated to [1180/82?], witnessed by "…Walterus de Dunstanvill, Alanus de Dunstanvill, Fulco Basset…Thomas Basset juvenis…". The Roll of Honour dated [1186/87] records that "Gilberto Basset…Alano Basset" held land in the honour of Walingford. Military fee certifications in the Red Book of the Exchequer, in 1166, record that "Alanus Basset" held one knight fee "in Wokinges et Mapeldorwelle…ex dono Regis Ricardi" in Surrey, and one knight fee in Wycombe, Berkshire. This entry must be redated to after 1189 if it is correct that the knight fees were granted by King Richard I. The Red Book of the Exchequer records "Alanus Basset" holding "Berwike…de feodo Adæ de Port" and two knights´ fees "de honore Walingforde…in Wottone" in Wiltshire, and land "in Wokinges" in Surrey, in [1210/12]. Henry III King of England ordered "Petro de Maulay" to release "…Alanum Basset" from custody dated 21 Dec 1216. A charter dated 1217 records that "Alanum Basset" granted the manor of Yarlington, Somerset to "Isobel quondam uxorem Willelmi de Monte Acuto" [as her dower] by charter dated 1217, witnessed by "Gilberto Basset, Warino Basset…".

m firstly ALICE de Grey, daughter of ---. William Reedy, in the genealogical tables in the introduction to his collection of Basset charters, names "Alice de Gray" as the first wife of Alan Basset and mother of the children. He does not cite the primary source which confirms that this is correct.

m secondly ALINE de Gai, daughter of ---. A charter dated 16 Apr 1206 records a final settlement between "Thomam filium Ricardi et Aliciam uxorem suam" and "Alanum Basset et Alinam uxorem suam" relating to one knight´s fee in Broad Town, Wiltshire. The Testa de Nevill includes a writ of King John dated 1212 which names "Alanus Basset de hereditate uxoris sue ii milites" among the tenants of the honour of Wallingford.

Alan & his first wife had five children: Thomas, Gilbert, Warin, Philip and Fulk.

Alan & his second wife had two children: Aline and [Matilda]. 2


• Occupation: Sheriff of Rutland, Baron Wycombe. 6

• Bullet: named in MAGNA CHARTA, King John advisor, 1215.

Alan married Alice de Grey. (Alice de Grey died before 15 Apr 1206 2.)

Alan next married Aline de Gai, daughter of Philip de Gai and Cecily.


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