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William Latimer
Walter Ledet
(-Bef 1257)
(-After 1257)
William Latimer 1st Baron Latimer of Corby
(-Bef 1305)
Alice Ledet
(Abt 1255-Bef 1317)
Sir John Latimer
(-Bef 1336)


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1. Joan de Gouiz

Sir John Latimer 2 3 5

  • Marriage (1): Joan de Gouiz before 29 Aug 1301 1 2 3 4
  • Died: Bef 5 Apr 1336 4 5 6

  General Notes:

THE Descent of the Latimers that were Lords of Duntish and Estpullham, being the business of my Intention, I shall here proceed with Sir John Latimer, the se|cond Son of the aforementioned Lord William, who flourished in the Reign of King Edward the Second, in Possession of several Noble Lordships, that were left to his Inheritance by the Care and Kindness of his Father: he had Lands in Eastshene, in Mortlac, and in Wimbledon in the County of Surrey, in Wolwich in Kent, besides great Possessions in Dorsetshire; which latter did devolve to him in the Right of the Lady Joan de Govis his Wife, who was one of the Daughters of Sir William de Govis, a Lord of a Noble Patrimony in the Kingdom of France; and that had likewise fair Lands in England, which he Inherited from his Mother the Lady Beatrice of Lincoln, one of the Heirs of a great House, that had been very famous in the foregoing Ages. From this Marriage arose the most notorious Contention of that time, between this Sir John Latimer, and Sir Peter Desmonstiers, of the Dutchy of Normandy, about the Fief and Lordships of Govis in that Country, having been the Chief Seat, and part of the Inheritance of Sir William de Govis, that was Father-in-Law to them both. Whereupon divers Transactions past in the Courts of Judicature of either Kingdom, and there are Extant (relating to this difference) several Orders, Grants and Instruments, under the Seals of both the Kings, Edward the Second, and King Philip.

Their Issue.
Sir Robert Latimer.
William Latimer.
Nicholas Latimer. 2


Inquisition: Post mortem, 5 Apr 1336. 6 14. JOHN LATIMER, LATHYMER or LE LATIMER, knight.

Writ, 5 April, 10 Edward III.

SOUTHAMPTON. Inq. taken at Aulton, 20 April, 10 Edward III.

Lasham or Lasham Latimer. A messuage, land, and rent (extent given), held of the earl of Ulster by service of half a knight's fee.

John his son, aged 30 years and more, is his next heir.

SURREY. Inq. taken at Croydon, 8 April, 10 Edward III.

Nobricht. The manor (extent given) held of John de Ifeld and Margery his wife, as of the manor of Lageham, which is of the hereditary right of John, son and heir of John de Sancto Johanne of Lageham, by service of rendering 1d. yearly. John de Ifeld has no estate in the said manor of Lageham, except for the life of the said Margery, mother of the said heir.

Crawestoke. A messuage, land, wood, and rent, held jointly with Joan late his wife, who still survives, and Edmund their son, of Hugh Daudele, as of the honour of Gloucester, by service of 1lb. of pepper.

Shene. A messuage, 60a. arable and 2a. meadow, held jointly with the said Joan, of the Archbishop of Canterbury by service of rendering him 17s. yearly.

He held nothing of the king in chief in the county.

Heir as above, aged 26 years and more.

KENT. Inq. 16 May, 10 Edward III.

Wolewich. A messuage, land, wood and rent, held jointly with Joan his wife, and Robert their son, and their heirs for ever, of Isabella, queen of England, as of her manor of Eltham, by homage and fealty, and by service of 36s. 8d. yearly.

He held nothing of the king in chief in the county.

Heir as above, aged 30 years and more.

Writ, to the escheator in co. Dorset &c. 4 April, 10 Edward III.

DORSET. Inq. taken at Dorcestre on Monday before St. George, 10 Edward III.

Deuelisch. The manor held jointly with Joan his wife, who survives, of Lady Elizabeth de Bourgh by service of a knight's fee.

Dontysch. The manor, held jointly as above, of the abbot of Glastonbury in chief by service of half a knight's fee.

Tylleygh. Certain lands &c. held of the abbot of Cerne in chief by service of grand serjeanty.

The aforesaid manors, lands and tenements were held by the said John and Joan, to them and the heirs of their bodies, as appears by a fine levied in the king's court.

He held nothing of the king in chief as of fee in the bailiwick.

John son of the said John and Joan, aged 26 years and more, is his next heir.

C. Edw. III. File 46. (14.)

John married Joan de Gouiz, daughter of William de Gouiz and Petronilla, before 29 Aug 1301.1 2 3 4 (Joan de Gouiz was born before 24 Jun 1285 in Normandie, FR 1 7 and died on 1 May 1346 4 8.)


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