William de Tendring
(-Abt 1303)
William de Tendring
(Abt 1269-Bef 1305)
Sir John de Tendring
(Bef 1283-)


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Sir John de Tendring 1 2

  • Born: Bef 14 Jun 1283 3
  • Marriage (1): Unknown


Inquisition: Post mortem, 14 Jun 1305. 3 305. WILLIAM DE TENDRING.

Writ, 14 June, 33 Edw. I.

SUFFOLK. Inq. Friday after St. Mary Magdalen, 33 Edw. I.

Stoke Neylond alias Stokes atte Neyland. A messuage &c., 12a. arable, 1/2a. wood and 2a. pasture, held of William de Criketot by service of 4s. yearly and suit at his court; a messuage &c., 30a. land, 2a. pasture, 3s. rent of free tenants, and a water-mill, held jointly by the said William and Beatrice his wife of Ralph de Berners in chief by service of 1/4 knight's fee; 100s. rent held by the said William and Beatrice of William de Sancto Georgeo by service of 1d. yearly; 2 messuages, a garden, 40a. land, 12a. meadow, 8a. pasture, 10l. rent, and a windmill, held by the said William of the heirs of Robert de Myssegros, service unspecified; and a messuage, 40a. land, 4a. meadow, 12a. pasture, and 10 marks rent, held jointly by the said William and Beatrice and Ralph their son, of Hugh de Nevyle by service of 10 marks yearly.

Boxford. A moiety of a messuage, 50a. land, 3a. wood, 1a. pasture and a moiety of a windmill, held of Thomas Banyhard, by service of 15s. yearly; 10a. land, 1a. pasture, 1/2a. wood, and 12d. assised rent, held of the abbot of St. Edmund's by service of 5s. yearly and suit at his court of Boxford; and 40a. land held of Peter de Denardistone, service unspecified.

Polstede alias Polstid. A messuage with 2 gardens, 40a. land, a dovecot, a fishpond, and a wind-mill, held by the said William of Thomas de Grey by service of 2d. yearly; a garden and 50a. land, held jointly by the said William and Beatrice of James de Lamburne by service of 17s. 6d. yearly; 60a. land and 1a. wood, similarly held of Petronilla de Kemesek by service of 20s. and suit at her court; and a messuage and 30a. land, similarly held of John de Peytone by service of 5s. 2d. yearly.

Meldyngg. A messuage, 40a. land, 1/2a. pasture, and a windmill, held jointly by the said William and Beatrice and Thomas their son of William Melksope in chief by service of 12d. yearly; 40a. land similarly held of John de Hodebovile by service of doing suit at his court; 30a. land similarly held of Laurence de Hamelden and Joan his wife in chief by service of 6d. yearly; and 27a. land and 2a. wood, similarly held of Peter de Denardiston in chief by service of 6s. 9 1/4d. yearly.

The pleas &c. of the court and leet of Stokes atte Neyland are worth 26s. 8d. yearly.

He held no other lands &c. in the bailiwick.

John his son, aged 22 and more, is his next heir.

C. Edw. I. File 118. (10.)

John married.


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