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Sir William de Chesney
(Abt 1274-)
Margaret Shurland
Robert Chesney
(Bef 1304-1361)
Roger Chesney
(Bef 1356-)


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Roger Chesney 1

  • Born: Bef 6 Mar 1356 2


Inquisition: Post mortem, 6 Mar 1362. 2 304. ROBERT CHEYNE, knight.

Writ, 6 March, 36 Edward III.

KENT. Inq. (indented) taken at Midelton, 12 April, 36 Edward III.

Schirlond in the Isle of Schepeye. The manor, held of Philippa, queen of England, by service of rendering 4l. yearly and doing suit to her courts at Midelton held after Easter and after Michaelmas.

He died on 7 November last. Richard Chenny and Roger Chenny his sons, aged respectively 10 years and 6 years, are his heirs. The manor is held in 'gavilkyndeys.'

Ufton. The manor, in the parishes of Tunstall, Midelton and Sidyngbourn, held of Philippa, queen of England, as of the manor of Midelton, as parcel of the manor of Schirlond, by service as above.

Date of death and heirs repeated.

Patrikesbourn. The manor, held of the lord de Say by service of rendering yearly a pair of spurs or 6d.

He held no other lands &c. in the country.

Date of death repeated. Richard Cheyne his son, aged as above, is his heir of this manor.

C. Edw. III. File 169. (8.)


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