Simon Peplesham
(-After 1378)
Joan Rouse
Margaret Peplesham


Family Links

1. Sir Robert de Cralle

2. Sir William Batesford
  • Elizabeth Batesford+
  • Joan Batesford
  • Alice Batesford+
  • Cicely Batesford

Margaret Peplesham 1

  • Marriage (1): Sir Robert de Cralle 1
  • Marriage (2): Sir William Batesford 1 2
  • Died: 21 Jan 1406 2


Inquisition: Post mortem, 1 Oct 1406. 2 206 MARGERY WIDOW OF WILLIAM BATESFORDE

Writ 1 Oct. 1406.

SUSSEX. Inquisition. East Grinstead. 23 Nov.

By the grant of William Baron and Richard Leghton, clerks, she held for life with remainder to Elizabeth widow of William Fienles, knight, and her heirs, and, failing such heirs, to the right heirs of William Batesforde:

Wartling, Dallington, Warbleton, and Herstmonceux, 3 messuages, 100 a. arable, 3 a. meadow, 30 a. wood and 30 a. pasture, of John atte Welle, clerk, of his manor of Bucksteep by a rent of 7s.10d., annual value 26s.8d.

Wartling and Herstmonceux, 5 messuages, 100 a. arable, 2 a. meadow, 12 a. wood and 20 a. pasture, of the same John atte Welle of his manor of Wartling by a rent of 54s., annual value beyond that 20s.

Warbleton, 1 watermill, with 100 a. wood and 40 a. pasture in Herstmonceux, of Robert Oxebrugge, Richard Brenchesle and John Wodelond of their manor of Herstmonceux by a rent of 20s.3d., annual value 20s.

Hailsham, 30 a. arable and 12 a. pasture, of the prior of Michelham by a rent of 6d., annual value 5s.

Boreham, 11s.6d. rent, of the abbot of Bayham of his manor of Rocklands by a rent of 4d.
Pevensey, Horse Eye and Manxey, 250 a. marshland within the bounds of the Cinque Ports, of Lord de la Warr in socage of his manor of Bestnover by a rent of 1d., annual value 10.

She died on 21 Jan. last. Roger Fienles, son of William Fienles, knight, is kinsman and heir, being the son and heir of Elizabeth, daughter of Margery, aged 21 years and more.

C 137/58, no.24

Margaret married Sir Robert de Cralle.1

Margaret next married Sir William Batesford.1 2 (Sir William Batesford died before 22 Oct 1389.)


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