Lesire de Tregoz
(Abt 1074-)
William de Tregoz
(Abt 1100-Between 1130/1155)
(Abt 1112-After 1198)
John de Tregoz
(-Bef 1194)


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1. Amice FitzGerold

  • John de Tregoz
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  • Thomas de Tregoz

John de Tregoz

  • Marriage (1): Amice FitzGerold after 1166 1
  • Died: Bef 1194 1

  General Notes:

JOHN de Tresgoz (-[1194]). "…Johannes Treisgoz, Philippus Treisgoz…"witnessed the charter dated 2 Feb 1158 under which "William earl of Arundel" donated "the church of St Lo of Ansleville" to Montebourg abbey. The Red Book of the Exchequer refers to "Johannes de Tresgoz et Philippus iii m et dimidiam" in Sussex in [1167/68]. A charter dated 8 Apr 1195 records agreements between Fécamp and "John de Tresgoz" made in 1164, relating to woods at Dureshurst, Perregate and Brunnesburi, and the settlement of further disputes which arose after his death between "his son John" with the agreement of "his brothers Henry and Thomas", with "Philip his uncle" as guarantor, witnessed "ex parte Johannis: Henricus et Thomas fratres sui, Philippus de Tresgoz…Walterus de Tresgoz…".

m (after 1166) as her second husband, AMICE, widow of PHILIP de Leyburn, daughter of ROBERT FitzGerold & his wife Alice ---. Dugdale summarises donations to Southwark priory, including the confirmation of the donation of "lands of Waleton" made by "Amicia de Tregoz, daughter of Robert Fitzgerald and Alice his wife, sister of Alexander, and wife first of Philip de Leyburn and then of John de Tregoz" and confirmed by "Robert de Leyborn [her son]".

John & his wife had three children: John, Henry and Thomas.

[FMG/Medieval Lands]


We now come to John (III). He was already established in West Sussex by 1164, when a dispute arose between him and the Norman Abbet of Fecamp, who held extensive estates attached to their manor of Steyning. The abbey claimed a quarter of a wood called Dureshurst, half the wood of Perregate and part of the wood of Brunnesburi [Brinsbury in Pulborough], and an estate held by Norman, a villein of the abbot's. John recognised their claim to the quarter of Dureshurst, where they were to have half Perregate and the whole of Norman's tenement, but John was to have the part of Brunnesburi in dispute. John pledged his faith to observe this agreement, as did Hemeric de Cnelle on behalf of the monks, and the abbot gave John 15 marks and received him into the brotherhood of the abbey. Later, in 1194, when abbot Henry and John de Tregoz had both died, the latter's son John, at the wish of his brothers Henry and Thomas, agreed with Abbot Ralf de Argenciis that Dureshurst should be divided into four quarters, so that the quarter next to Tuddestrode should belong to the monks, and the other three to John. The pasture of Toddestrode belonged to the manor of Dedisham in 1321 [Harl. MS. 173, fol. 42]. It was probably near Tedfold (formerly Tuddefold) in Billingshurst. To this, John and his uncle Philip pledged their faith, as did Peter de Gatewik and William de Sceldune on behalf of the abbey, who gave John 100s. Among the witnesses were Alard Fleming, Simon le Conte Comes, Walter de Tresgoz, Peter de Gatewik, and Thomas his son [Cal. Doc. France, 47-49.]

The family of Tregoz showed an unfortunate lack of imagination in their choice of baptismal names, with the result that there were usually two or three contemporaries with identical names. It seems, however, pretty certain that it was the elder John who married Amice or Amy, widow of Philip de Leybourne and co-heiress of Ralph FitzGerald. In 1180 John de Tregoz owed £100 to have his share of Ralph's lands in Kent [Pipe R. 26 Hen. II (P.R.S.), 147].

[L. F. Salzman. Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol 93 [1955] pp34-58]

John married Amice FitzGerold, daughter of Robert FitzGerold and Alice, after 1166.1 (Amice FitzGerold died about 1198.)


1 Sussex Archaeological Society, editor, <i>Sussex Archaeological Collections </i> (N.p.: n.p., n.d.), Vol 93 [1955]: 34-58.

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