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John FitzGilbert Master Marshal
(Bef 1109-Bef 1165)
Sibyl de Salisbury
Richard de Clare 2nd Earl of Pembroke
(Abt 1130-1176)
Aoife Ní Diarmait Countess of Strigoil
(-After 1189)
William Marshal 1st Earl of Pembroke
(Abt 1146-1219)
Isabel de Clare Countess of Pembroke
(Abt 1172-1220)
Gilbert Marshal 4th Earl of Pembroke


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1. Marjory of Scotland

Gilbert Marshal 4th Earl of Pembroke 1

  • Marriage (1): Marjory of Scotland on 1 Aug 1235 in Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland, TD15, GB
  • Died: 27 Jun 1241, Hertford Priory, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG14, GB 1
  • BuriedMale: Temple Church, Temple, London, EC4Y 7BB, GB

  General Notes:

GILBERT (-Hertford Priory 27 Jun 1241, bur New Temple Church, London). The Chronicle of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, names (in order) "Willihelmus, Richardus, Gilbertus, Walterus et Ancellimus" as sons of "Willielmi Marescalli comitis Penbrochić", adding that each succeeded in turn as earl of Pembroke and died without children. He succeeded his brother in 1234 as Earl of Pembroke, hereditary Master Marshal. The Annales Cambrić record that "Gilbertus frater suus" succeeded on the death of "Ricardus Marescallus" in 1234. He died after falling from his horse during a tournament. The Annales Cambrić record the death "IV Kal Jul" in 1242 of "Gilbertus Marescallus apud War in quodam tornamiento". The Annales Londonienses record the death "V Kal Jul" in 1241 of "Gilbertus Marescallus comes Panbrok…extra villam Hertford, toto corpore confractus in quodam hastiludio". The Annals of Tewkesbury record the death "circa festum apostolorum Petri et Pauli…in tornamento apud Ware" in 1241 of "G. Marescallus" and his burial "apud Novum Templum Londonić".

m (Berwick 1 Aug 1235) MARJORY of Scotland, daughter of WILLIAM "the Lion" King of Scotland (-17 Nov 1244, bur London, Church of the Preaching Friars). The Annales Cambrić record that "Gilbertus Marescallus" married "sororem regis Scotić" in 1235. The Annals of Tewkesbury record the marriage "circa Assumptionis beatć Virginis" in 1235 of "Margata soror regis Scotić" and "G. Marscallo". The Annals of Dunstable record that "Gilebertus Marscallus" married "Margaretam, sororem regis Scotić" in 1235, her dowry being 10,000 marcs. Matthew Paris records her death, when he names her "Margareta soror regis Scotić…relicta Gileberti comitis Marescalli".

Earl Gilbert had one illegitimate daughter by an unknown mistress.

[FMG/Medieval Lands]



GILBERT (MARSHAL), EARL OF PEMBROKE, and hereditary Master Marshal, brother and heir, being 3rd son of the 4th Earl. Intended for the Church, he took minor orders, and from 1225 held various benefices (e). In 1229 he set out for the Holy Land. He supported his brother Richard and acted for him in Ireland. After the Earl's death he was allowed to cross to Wales with his younger brothers and they soon obtained the King's pardon (h). On 11 June 1234 the King knighted him at Worcester and invested him with the Earldom of Pembroke and the office of Marshal. On 9 December 1234 he was granted the honor of Laigle (Sussex) and castle of Pevensey, in February 1234/5 the honor of Glamorgan, and in June the honor of Carmarthen. He officiated as Marshal at the Coronation of Queen Eleanor in 1236. In the same year he took the cross. In 1238 he supported his brother-in-law, the Earl of Cornwall, against the King's foreign favourites. On 12 November 1239 he swore at Northampton to go on crusade, provided that Cornwall would reconcile him to the King, which Earl Richard duly did when they were preparing to start in the summer of 1240. Being restored to favour, Gilbert stayed in England, but he still intended to go to Jerusalem. However, in June 1241 he received mortal injuries in a tournament. He was a benefactor to the monastery of St. Mary de Gloria in the diocese of Anagni, to Nutley Abbey and Tintern Abbey, and the lepers' hospital of St. Mary Magdalene of Little Haverford.

His alleged 1st marriage to Maud, daughter of [? William] DE LANVALEI, is due to a clerical error. He married, 1 August 1235, at Berwick, Margaret, daughter of WILLIAM the LION, King of Scotland, by Ermengard, daughter of Richard, Vicomte de BEAUMONT. He died as aforesaid, s.p. legitimate, 27 June 1241, at Hertford Priory (h2), where his entrails were buried, while his body was buried beside those of his father and brother in the new Temple Church, London. His widow died 17 November 1244, and was buried in the Church of the Preaching Friars.

[Complete Peerage X:371-4, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]

(e) He became rector of Orford (Suffolk) and Tiverton (Devon) in 1225, of WIngham (Kent) in 1228. On 30 Apr 1230, and again 25 Sep 1232, the King ordered that if the gift of any prebend should accrue to him it should be bestowed on Gilbert immediately.

(h) On 12 May 1234 the King ordered the Justiciar of Ireland to allow the 3 brothers to come to him to seek his favour. On 25 May he received Gilbert into his grace and restored all his hereditary rights in England, Ireland, and Wales. Gilbert delivered his castles of Strigoil and Dumas as security to the Archbishops of Canterbury and Dublin respectively; but on 22 Aug, the King granted that Gilbert himself might hold them; and all his other castles were restored to him. On 2 Jan 1234/5 the King gave him 1,000 marks out of fines made with him by knights taken in war in Ireland with Richard Marshal.

(h2) He was carried to the Priory from the tournament and died there the same evening. Other writers say simply that he died at Ware or in a tournament at Ware, or that he was carried from the tournament to Ware and lived till midnight. On 29 June John of Monmouth was ordered to demand from the constables the castles of Strigoil, Usk, and Caerleon; and on 1 July orders were issued to the constables of his Irish and Welsh castles to surrender them.

  Death Notes:

At tournament.

  Burial Notes:

Entrails buiried at Hertford Priory.

Gilbert married Marjory of Scotland, daughter of William Dunkeld King William I of Scotland and Ermengarde de Beaumont, on 1 Aug 1235 in Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland, TD15, GB. (Marjory of Scotland died on 17 Nov 1244 2.)


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