Donnchad Mac Murchada King of Leinster
Énna Mac Murchada King of Leinster
Diarmait Mac Murchada King of Leinster


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1. Mór Ní Túathail

2. Derbforgaill Ní Murchada
3. Unknown
  • Énna Mac Diarmata
  • Connor Mac Diarmata
  • Domnall Caemanach Mac Diarmata

Diarmait Mac Murchada King of Leinster 1 2

  • Marriage (1): Mór Ní Túathail about 1140 in Wexford (Loch Garman), Leinster, IE
  • Partnership (2): Derbforgaill Ní Murchada in 1152
  • Marriage (3): Unknown
  • Died: 1 May 1171 3
  • BuriedMale: Cathedral Church of St. Edan, Fearna Mór Maedhóg (Ferns), Wexford, Leinster, IE

  General Notes:

DIARMAIT (-Fermanagh 1 May 1171). King of Leinster. The Annales Cambriæ record that "Diermit rex filius Murcath" was expelled from Ireland by his people and went to the English king, recording in later passages that he returned to Ireland and built "castellum Carrec iuxta Wisefordiam" in 1170, and died in 1172. "Diarmicius Rex Lageniensium" donated "terram…Balidubgaill" to All Saints Dublin by undated charter witnessed by "…Enna filio meo…". The Annals of Tigernach (Continuation) record that Henry II King of England arrived in Ireland in 1171, went to Dublin where he received "the kingship of Leinster and of the men of Meath, Brefne, Oriel and Ulster". The Expugnatio Hibernica records the death "apud Fernas circa kal Mai" of "Dermitius Murchardi filius" [in 1171].

m [MOR, daughter of ---]. The primary source which confirms her marriage has not yet been identified.

Mistress: (1152) DERBFORGAILL, wife of TIERNAN O'Rourke King of Breifny, daughter of MURCHAD O'Malaghlin King of Meath & his wife ---. The Expugnatio Hibernica records that "Dermitius…Murchardi filius Langeniensium princeps" eloped with "Ororicio…Medensium rege…uxor ipsius Omachlachelini filia" [in 1152]. The Annals of Tigernach (Continuation) record that "Diarmait Mac Murchada king of Leinster forcibly carried off out of Meath the wife of Húa Ruairc…Derb-forgaill daughter of Murchad with her wealth" in 1152, adding in a later passage that she "came again to Húa Ruairc by flight from Leinster" in 1153.

Diarmait & his wife had two children: Aoife and Urlachan.

Dermot had three illegitimate children by unknown mistresses: Enna, Connor and Domnall.

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Wikipedia shows Diarmait as Enna's brother rather his son. 3

Diarmait married Mór Ní Túathail, daughter of Muirchertach Ua Túathail and Cacht Ní Morda, about 1140 in Wexford (Loch Garman), Leinster, IE. (Mór Ní Túathail was born in 1114 and died in 1191.)

Diarmait had a relationship with Derbforgaill Ní Murchada in 1152. (Derbforgaill Ní Murchada died in 1193.)

Diarmait next married.


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