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Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare
(Abt 1066-Between 1114/1117)
Adelise de Clermont
Robert I de Beaumont Comte de Meulan, 1st Earl of Leicester
(Abt 1046-1118)
Isabelle de Vermandois
(Bef 1088-1131)
Gilbert de Clare 1st Earl of Pembroke
(Abt 1100-1148/1149)
Isabelle de Beaumont
(Between 1102/1107-After 1172)
Richard de Clare 2nd Earl of Pembroke
(Abt 1130-1176)


Family Links

1. Aoife NÝ Diarmait Countess of Strigoil

2. Unknown

Richard de Clare 2nd Earl of Pembroke 1 2 3 4

  • Born: Abt 1130 1
  • Marriage (1): Aoife NÝ Diarmait Countess of Strigoil about 26 Aug 1171 in Waterford, Munster, IE 1
  • Marriage (2): Unknown
  • Died: 20 Apr 1176, Dublin, Leinster, IE aged about 46 1

   Another name for Richard was Richard "Strongbow" de Clare.

  General Notes:

RICHARD de Clare "Strongbow" ([1130]-Dublin 20 Apr 1176, bur Dublin, Holy Trinity). Guillaume de JumiŔges records that "Giselbertus filius Gisleberti" married "sororem Waleranni comitis Mellenti...Elizabeth" by whom he had "filium primogenitum...Richardum". He succeeded his father in 1148 or 1149 as Earl of Pembroke. In [1168], he promised Dermot King of Leinster to help him recover his kingdom in return for the hand of his daughter and eventual succession to the crown. He landed near Waterford 23 Aug 1170, and marched to Dublin. He acceded to the demand of King Henry II to surrender his Irish conquests to him and was granted Leinster in fee. Robert of Torigny records the death in 1176 of "Richardus comes de Streguel filius comitis Gisleberti" leaving "parvulum filium ex filia regis DuvelinŠ". The Annales CambriŠ record the death in 1175 of "comes Ricardus filius Gilberti", another passage recording his death in Ireland in 1177 and his burial "apud Dulin".

m (Waterford [26 Aug 1171]) AOIFE [Eve] of Leinster, daughter of DERMOT MacMurrough King of Leinster & his wife [Mor ---] (-after 1189). The Annales CambriŠ record that "Ricardus comes de Striguil" invaded Ireland in 1171 and married "filiam Diermit regis". She was styled Countess of Ireland in 1185, but Countess of Strigoil in 1186.

Earl Richard & his wife had two children: Gilbert and Isabel.

Earl Richard had two illegitimate children: a daughter and Aline.

[FMG/Medieval Lands]


Earldom of Pembroke: His [Gilbert's] son the 2nd Earl of Pembroke ("Strongbow") was instigator of the Anglo-Norman/Cambro-Norman incursion into Ireland in 1169 or 1170. Pembroke himself managed to subdue Leinster. His daughter and ultimately heiress married William (the) Marshal, who was created Earl of Pembroke in 1199 by King John, though he may already have had some kind of status as Earl of Pembroke in right of his wife.

[Burke's Peerage]

Richard married Aoife NÝ Diarmait Countess of Strigoil, daughter of Diarmait Mac Murchada King of Leinster and Mˇr NÝ T˙athail, about 26 Aug 1171 in Waterford, Munster, IE.1 (Aoife NÝ Diarmait Countess of Strigoil died after 1189 5.)

Richard next married.


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