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Ranoul de Senlis
Waltheof Siwardson 1st Earl of Huntingdon, Earl of Northumbria
Judith de Lens
(1054-After 1086)
Simon [I] de Senlis 2nd Earl of Huntingdon & Northampton
Matilda of Huntingdon
(Between 1071/1074-1130/1131)
Simon [II] de Senlis 5th Earl of Huntingdon & Northampton


Family Links

1. Isabelle de Beaumont

2. Unknown
  • Simon de Senlis

Simon [II] de Senlis 5th Earl of Huntingdon & Northampton 2 3 4 5

  • Marriage (1): Isabelle de Beaumont about 1137 1 2
  • Partnership (2): Unknown
  • Died: Aug 1153 1 3 5
  • BuriedMale: St. Andrew's Cathedral Priory, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, KY16, GB 1

  General Notes:

SIMON de Senlis, son of SIMON de Senlis Earl of Huntingdon & his wife Matilda of Huntingdon (-Aug 1153, bur St Andrew's Priory). Ingulph's Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland names "Simon, Waldev and Matilda" as the children of Simon Earl of Huntingdon and his wife Matilda, commenting that they "are still young and in their infancy". After his father died, he was passed over as earl in favour of his stepfather. However, he was restored as Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton [before 1141] by Stephen King of England for whom he fought at Lincoln in Feb 1141. A manuscript narrating the foundation of St Andrew┤s Priory, Northampton records that "Simon de Seynlyz junior" founded "abbatiam beatŠ MariŠ de Pratis juxta Northampton". A charter of King Edward III confirmed the donations to the Abbey of De la Pre, founded by "Simon comes de Norhamtona", for the soul of "Gervasii Paynel fratris mei", by undated charter. Robert of Torigny records the death in 1153 of "Symone comite HuntedoniŠ". The Annals of Tewkesbury record that "comes de Norhamptone" died in 1153.

m as her first husband, ISABELLE de Beaumont, daughter of ROBERT de Beaumont Earl of Leicester & his wife Amicie de GaŰl . Robert of Torigny refers to the wife of "Symone comite HuntedoniŠ" as "filia Roberti comitis LegecestriŠ" but does not name her. "R. comes Legrecestrie" granted tithes to "Isabele comitisse de Norhamtone sororis mee" by charter dated to the middle of the reign of King Henry II. "I. comitissa Northamptonie" donated land at Groby to Nuneaton priory, for the souls of "patris mei et fratris mei R. comitis Legrecestrie" by charter dated to the middle of the reign of King Henry II. She married secondly Gervase Paynell Baron of Dudley. Her second marriage is confirmed by charter dated 1187 under which "Gervasius Paganellus" donated property to Tykford Priory, with the consent of "uxoris meŠ IsabellŠ comitissŠ de Norhamton", which names "Fulcodius Paganellus avus meus et Radulfus Paganellus pater meus", witnessed by "Simone comite NorthamptoniŠ, Isabella comitissa matre eius".

Earl Simon & his wife had four children: Simon, Amice, Hawise and Isabelle.

Earl Simon had one [probably illegitimate] son [by an unknown mistress]: Simon.

[FMG/Medieval Lands]


After Earl Simon's [Matilda's 1st husband] death, his Widow married David I of Scotland, who consequently became Earl of Huntingdon too, keeping the Earldom even after he succeeded his brother as King of Scots. He sided with the Empress Maud against Stephen I but came to terms with the latter and made the Earldom over to his son Henry. Henry swore fealty to Stephen but subsequently fought against him under the Scottish banner, which may account for Simon de St Liz's son, another Simon, being recognized as Earl of Huntingdon before Henry's death in 1152.

[Burke's Peerage]




SIMON DE ST. LIZ II, son of Simon DE ST. LIZ, EARL OF HUNTINGDON, by Maud, daughter of Waltheof, EARL OF HUNTINGDON, was a minor at his father's death, and became a ward of his stepfather, Earl David, until the latter became King of Scotland, when he was given to his great-uncle Stephen, Count of Aumale. If he was still under-age in he must have been born later than 1103. He became as strenuous an adherent of Stephen in the civil war as King David and Earl Henry were of the Empress, and before 1141 he had been recognised as Earl of Northampton. He fought for Stephen at Lincoln, 2 February 1140/1, and before 1146 was holding the Honour of Huntingdon, and probably was recogniscd as EARL OF HUNTINGDON also, thus regaining his full inheritance. He founded the Abbey of Sawtrey in Hunts in 1146 or 1147, as Simon, Earl of Northampton, his son Simon witnessing the charter and the Nunncry of St. Mary dc la Prc, ncar Northampton, also in the reign of Stephen, who confirmcd the grant. He also gave charters to St. Andrcw's, Northampton, in one of which he names his wife Elizabeth and his son Simon, and to another his brother Simon was a witness.

He married Isabel or Elizabeth, daughter of Robert, EARL OF LEICESTER, by Amice, daughter of Ralph de Gael II, Seigneur of Gael and Montfort-sur-Meu. He died August 1153, and was buried at St. Andrew's.[k] His widow married Gervase PAYNELL.

[Complete Peerage VI:643, XIV:395, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]

[k] Robert, Earl of Gloucester, said of him that his acts never reached beyond speeches nor his gifts beyond promises (Henry of Huntingdon, p. 270). The historian's own description of him is "Full of all things unlawful and unbecoming." But these aspersions on his character are disproved by his life. His son Simon ultimately succeeded to the Earldom. He had three daughters, Amice or Amy and Hawise, who remained wards of the King for 5 years, and Isabel, who m. William Maudit, camerarius of Hanslope. 1

Simon married Isabelle de Beaumont, daughter of Robert II de Beaumont 2nd Earl of Leicester and Amice de GaŰl, about 1137.1 2 (Isabelle de Beaumont was born about 1126 and died after May 1188 1 6.)

Simon had a relationship with someone.


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