Turchetil de Neufmarché
Geoffroy de Neufmarché Seigneur de Neufmarché


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1. Ada de Heugleville

Geoffroy de Neufmarché Seigneur de Neufmarché 2

  • Marriage (1): Ada de Heugleville before 1054 1

  General Notes:

GEOFFROY de Neufmarché. Orderic Vitalis records that "Ricardum de Huglevilla" held out against "Guillelmus de Archis" and his rebels "in castello suo secus ecclesiam Sancti-Albini"with the help of "Goisfredus gener eius et Hugo de Morio-Monte, Turchetilli de Novo-Mercato filii", dated to [1054]. "…Giraldi di Novomercato" subscribed the charter dated Apr 1067 under which "Willelmus…dux Normannorum…Anglorum rex" confirmed rights to the abbey of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire.

m (before 1054) ADA de Heugleville, daughter of RICHARD de Saint-Valéry Seigneur de Heugleville & his wife Ada [de Heugleville]. Her parentage and marriage are indicated by Orderic Vitalis who records that "generosus in Normannia miles...Gulbertus Ricardi de Huglevilla filius" donated "ecclesiam S. Mariæ de Alfagio" to Ouche Saint-Evroul, soon after "Drogo nepos suus" [identified as Dreux de Neufmarché, her son] left military life and became a monk at Ouche. She is named as daughter of Richard by Orderic Vitalis, who also names her husband who helped his father-in-law during the rebellion of Guillaume d'Arques.

Geoffroy & his wife had [three] children: Bernard, Dreux and [Osbern]. 1

Geoffroy married Ada de Heugleville, daughter of Richard de Saint-Valéry Seigneur de Heugleville and Ada, before 1054.1


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