Thorold de Pont-Audemer
(-After 1040)
Honfroi de Vieilles
(-After 1053)
(-After 1053)
Roger de Vieilles Seigneur de Beaumont-le-Roger
(Abt 1015-1094)


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1. Adeline de Meulan

Roger de Vieilles Seigneur de Beaumont-le-Roger 2 3 4 5 6 7

  • Born: Abt 1015 5
  • Marriage (1): Adeline de Meulan 1
  • Died: 29 Nov 1094, Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Préaux, Les Préaux, Eure, Haute-Normandie, 27500, FR aged about 79 1 2
  • BuriedMale: Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Préaux, Les Préaux, Eure, Haute-Normandie, 27500, FR 1

   Other names for Roger were Roger de Beaumont, Roger "Barbatus" de Vieilles and Roger "le Barbu" de Vieilles.

  General Notes:

ROGER de Vieilles "Barbatus" [de Beaumont], son of HONFROI Seigneur de Vieilles & his wife Aubrey --- (-29 Nov 1094, bur Préaux, monastery of Saint-Pierre). "…Humfridus constructor eiusdem loci cum filiis suis Rogerio, Roberto, Willelmo…"are named as present in the charter dated 1035 under which "Willelmus adhuc puerulus…Roberti comitis filius" donated "Turstini villa" to the abbey of Préaux. As "Roger of Beaumont", he is named as the son of Honfroy de Vieilles by Orderic Vitalis. "…Rogerius filius Hunfredi…" witnessed the charter dated to [1042] under which Guillaume II Duke of Normandy donated "nostras insulas Serc et Aurrene, propter medietatem Grenere" to the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, supported by "Rannulfo filio Anschitilli". The Genealogia Fundatoris of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire names "Humfridum de Vetulis" as father of "Rogeri de Bellomonte, ex quo comites de Warwike et Leicestriæ". He built the castle of Beaumont-le-Roger on the hill above Vieilles. Guillaume of Jumièges records that "Rogerius Toenites de stirpe Malahulcii qui Rollonis ducis patruus fuerat" was "totius Normanniæ signifer" rebelled against Duke Guillaume II and destroyed property in particular that of "Humfridi de Vetulis" who sent "Rogerium de Bellomonti filium suum"against Roger and killed him. Orderic Vitalis names "...Rogerius de Bellomonte et Rogerius de Monte-Gomerici..." among the leading lords under Guillaume II Duke of Normandy. The Brevis Relatio de Origine Willelmi Conquestoris records that "Rogero de Beaumont" contributed 60 ships towards the invasion of England in 1066. He remained in Normandy as adviser to Duchess Mathilde during the conquest. Robert son of Humphrey consented to a donation to St Pierre, Préaux, by charter dated to the reign of William I King of England. "…Rotgerius de Bello monte, Hainricus filius eius…" witnessed the charter dated to [1073] under which William I King of England confirmed the donation by "Nielli filii alterius Nielli" made by "suus pater" of six churches on Guernsey to the abbey of Marmoutier. He witnessed charters of William I King of England until 1082. "Rogerius et filii mei Robertus et Henricus" donated "decimam tocius Brotonie" to Saint-Wandrille by charter dated 13 Jan 1086. Domesday Book records "Roger de Beaumont" holding Stour Provost, Sturminster, Creech, Steeple, Church Knowle and Afflington in Dorset. He obtained the fiefdom of Brionne from Robert Duke of Normandy after surrendering the castellanship of Ivry. Guillaume of Jumièges records that " Bellomonte filius Humfridi de Vetulis" founded "in fundo suo Pratellis duo cœnobia...unum monachorum alterum sanctimonialium". "Rogerus de Bellomonte" founded la Sainte-Trinité de Beaumont-le-Roger, with the consent of "liberis meis Roberto comite Mellentensi et Henrico comite de Warwic", by charter dated [1088/89]. Orderic Vitalis records that he became a monk at Saint-Pierre de Préaux, dated to after 1090, where he was buried.

m ADELINE de Meulan, daughter of GALERAN [III] Comte de Meulan & his first wife Ode --- (-8 Apr 1081, bur abbaye du Bec). Guillaume of Jumièges records that "Rogerius de Bellomonte" married "Adelinam, Waleranni comitis Mellenti filiam", by whom he had "duos filios Robertum et Henricum...postea comites", and that Robert succeeded "post Hugonem avunculum suum comes Mellentis". Orderic Vitalis records that "Rogerius de Bellomonte" was "gener Gualeranni comitis Mellentici et Hugonius sororius". The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines refers to "matrem Roberti comitis Mellentini" as daughter of "Waleranni comitis [Mellentini]". Yves de Chartres names "Gualterius Albus" as father of "matrem Gualeranni comitis" and adds that the latter was the father of "matrem Roberti comitis". Her son inherited Meulan from her brother Hugues Comte de Meulan. Robert count of Mellent donated property to St Pierre, Préaux for the souls of his parents Roger de Bellomonte and Adelina his wife, by charter dated to [1099].

Roger & his wife had three children: Robert, Henry and Aubrey.

[FMG/Medieval Lands]


Roger de Beaumont; Seigneur (feudal Lord) of Beaumont, Pontaudemer, Brionne and Vatteville, Normandy; married Adeline, sister of Hugh Count of Meulan and daughter by his 1st wife of Waleran Count of Meulan. [Burke's Peerage]


The well-known Roger de Beaumont held Sturminster Marshal, Dorset, in 1086; it descended to the counts of Meulan through Roger's eldest son, Robert count of Meulan. That Roger took his name from Beaumont is a part of the general history of Normandy. It follows that Roger's descendants, the counts of Meulan, the Earls of Leicester, and the Earls of Warwick, all derive from Beaumont-le-Roger. [The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families]


ROGER DE BEAUMONT (de Bello Monte), SEIGNEUR of BEAUMONT AND PONT-AUDEMER, was eldest son of Humphrey. He appears to have remained faithful to the young Duke William during the disturbances of the earlier part of his reign, in the course of which he defeated and slew Roger de Tosny. He is said to have furnished 60 ships for the invasion of England. He did not accompany the expedition, but remained in Normandy as the principal adviser of the Duchess Maud, to whom the government of the duchy was entrusted. In 1071 the King committed Morcar as a prisoner to his custody. Up to the year 1082 he constantly appears as a witness to the charters of William the Conqueror. At the -time of the Domesday Survey, 1086, he held land in Dorset and co. Gloucester. About 1088 he founded the collegiate church of the Holy Trinity at Beaumont-le-Roger for canons of St. Frideswide of Oxford. He was a benefactor of St. Pierre-de-Préaux and of St. Wandrille.

He married Adeline, sister of Hugh and daughter of Waleran, COUNTS OF MEULAN. Shortly after 1090 Roger became a monk at the Abbey of Préaux. He died some years later, and was buried there with his father. [Complete Peerage VII:522-3, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)] 1

  Death Notes:

As a monk.


• Title: Seigneur de Vatteville-la-Rue, Pont-Audemer, Beaumont and (possibly) Brionne.

Roger married Adeline de Meulan, daughter of Galéran [III] de Meulan Comte de Meulan and Oda.1 (Adeline de Meulan died on 8 Apr 1081 1 and was buried in Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec, Le Bec Hellouin, Eure, Haute-Normandie, 27800, FR 1.)


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