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Donnchad mac Crínáin Dunkeld King Duncan I of Scotland
(Abt 1001-1040)
Edward of England
(Abt 1016/1017-1057)
(Between 1025/1035-After 1068)
Máel Coluim mac Donnchada Dunkeld King Malcolm III of Scotland
Margaret of England
(Between 1046/1053-1093)
Edmund Dunkeld King of Scotland
(After 1070-After 1097)


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Edmund Dunkeld King of Scotland

  • Born: After 1070
  • Died: After 1097
  • BuriedMale: Montacute Priory, Montacute, Somerset, TA15, GB

   Another name for Edmund was Etmond mac Maíl Coluim Dunkeld.

  General Notes:

EDMUND (-after 1097, bur [Montacute]). He is named, and his parentage given, by Roger of Hoveden, who lists him second of the sons. The Chronicle of John of Fordun names "Edward, Edmund, Ethelred, Edgar, Alexander and…David" as the sons of King Malcolm and his wife, adding in a later passage that Edmund "was buried at Montacute in England". He succeeded in 1094 as EDMUND joint King of Scotland, jointly with his uncle King Donald III "Bane", ruling south of the Forth/Clyde. He was deposed in 1097 by his brother Edgar, and became a monk at Montacute Abbey. Edmund is not mentioned either by Orderic Vitalis in his brief account of the usurpation of King Donald "Bane", or by Florence of Worcester in his account of the deposition of King Donald in 1097. If Edmund was older than his brother Edgar, it is not clear why their uncle Edgar Ætheling, who led the English army which deposed their uncle, would have supported the accession of Edgar in place of Edmund. The Annals of Ulster record that he was involved in the killing of his half-brother King Duncan. William of Malmesbury records that "Edmund was the only degenerate son of Margaret", that he "[partook] in his uncle Donald's crime and…had been accessory to his brother's death", was "doomed to perpetual imprisonment", and "on his near approach of death, ordered himself to be buried in his chains". The 12th century Cronica Regum Scottorum records that "Edmundus" was buried "apud Montem Acutum in…cella Cluniacensi".

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