Baldwin de Boulers
Sibylla de Falaise
Richard FitzUrse
(-After 1166)
Matilda de Boulers
Reynold FitzUrse
(-Abt 1171/1175)


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1. Beatrice de Limesey

Reynold FitzUrse

  • Marriage (1): Beatrice de Limesey
  • Died: Abt 1171-1175

  General Notes:

REYNOLD FitzUrse (-[1171/75]). A plea at Westminster, dating to the ninth year of Henry III King of England [1226], records that "Vitalis Engaing" claimed land "in honore de Mungumery" which "Dominus Rex H, senex" had given "in maritagium Baldewino de Bollers cum Sibilla de Faleise, nepte ipsius H regis", and that "eadem Sibilla" had "unam filiam Matillidem de ipso Baldewino" who "dominus Rex" gave to "Ricardo filio Ursie" who by her had "unum filium et duas filias…Reginaldum filium Ursi et Margeriam primogenitam et Mabiliam". Military fee certifications in the Red Book of the Exchequer, in 1166, record that "Ricardus filius Vrsi" used to hold one and one half knights' fees from the abbot of Glastonbury in Somerset "tempore Regis Henrici" (presumably indicating King Henry I) now held by "Reginaldus filius eius". The Red Book of the Exchequer refers to "Reginaldus filius Ursy xl s et xxvii d" in Northamptonshire in [1167/68]. The Red Book of the Exchequer refers to "Reginaldus filius Ursi lxxiii s iv d" in Northamptonshire in [1171/72]. Ralph de Diceto's Ymagines Historiarum record that "Willelmus de Traci, Reginaldus filius Ursi, Hugo de Morevilla, Ricardus Brito" murdered the archbishop at Canterbury in 1171 and relate the subsequent events in detail. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "militum…Richardus Brito, Hugo de Morevilla, Renaldus Ursus et Guillelmus de Traci" as the murderers of Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury.

m BEATRICE de Limesey, daughter of GEOFFREY de Limesey & his wife ---. Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by a claim dated 1220, recorded by Bracton, by "Vitalis Engaun et Rogerus Gernet" against "Willelmum de Cantelupo et Maziliam uxorem eius" which recites that "Gaufridus de Limeseia" had "unum filium Walterum…et duas filias Beatriciam et Matillidem", that Beatrice married "Reginaldus".

Reynold & his wife had one child: Matilda.

Reynold married Beatrice de Limesey.

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