John Oliver of Stanway, Essex
(-Bef 1339)
John Oliver
(-Abt 1393)


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John Oliver

  • Died: Abt 1393


Manorial Estate, 1347-1393, Olivers Manor, Stanway, Colchester, Essex, CO3, GB. 1 Before 1250 Ralph son of Oliver and before 1263 Richard son of Oliver held land in Stan- way which by 1393 was known as OLIVERS manor. (fn. 30) The manor was held of St. John's abbey, Colchester, in 1338, 1424, and 1476, although in 1420 the overlordship was unknown, and the manor was not listed among the abbey's lands in 1368. (fn. 31)

John Oliver, recorded in 1300, died in 1338 holding an estate in Great Stanway. He was succeeded by his son John, (fn. 32) perhaps the John Oliver recorded in Stanway between 1347 and 1379. (fn. 33) A John Oliver died c. 1393 and was succeeded by his nephew John Doreward of Bocking. (fn. 34) Doreward, who bought Stanway manor, died in 1420 and was succeeded by his son (d. c. 1462), grandson (d. 1476), and great grandson (d. 1495), all called John Doreward. (fn. 35) The last John sold the reversion of Olivers manor to Edward Knevett. (fn. 36)

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