John de Throckmorton
Henry de Throckmorton
(-Abt 1220)


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Henry de Throckmorton 1

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  • Died: Abt 1220 1

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Henry de Throkemerton (...), lord of Throckmorton, 2 John (1200) to about 4 Henry III (1220).1

1. Robert de Throkemorton.
2.A daughter married (William?) Roland2 and had:
I. Richard Roland.
II. Henry Roland.

Henry de Throkemerton afterwards granted a virgate of the land mentioned in the above evidence to William Heye (Eye who followed William Roland as witness in the deed from Adam de Throkemerton referred to above) for life, and in 1237-8 Richard and Adam Roland were in controversy as to the ownership of this estate, which Richard claimed as grandson of Henry de Throkemerton. The suit was terminated in favor of Richard. He died in 1254 (Feet of Fines Wore., 38 H. Ill, No. 16, and 39 Hen. Ill, No. 28). His widow agreed with Richard Crisot in 1254-5 that a third of a tenement in Throckmorton and Hill, which Emma held for life, should revert to him on her death (Feet of Fines, co. Wore., 39 H. Ill, No. 38).

In the previous year Richard had agreed with the Bishop of Worcester that he should hold a carucate of land in Hill and elsewhere by suit at the Bishop's court of Worcester, giving a warranty against the claims of Emma, wife of Richard Roland, for dower if she survived (Feet of Fines, co. Wore., 38 Hen. Ill, No. 16). The whole part of Roland's estate at Hill afterwards passed to Simon Chamberlain, who had it in frank marriage gift of Henry Roland. (Habington op. cit. I, page 228, Red Book of the Bishoprick of Wore., fol. 69.)

1 Thos. Habington in his Survey of Worcester, pub. by the Worcestershire Historical Society, p. 426, says: "In the Whyte booke of the Bishopricke of Worcester an evydence in Latin: which is thus in English though somewhat abridged: Henry sonne of John de Throkemerton greetings: Know yee that whereas I requyred of my Lord Mauger Bishop of Worcester, in hys court as my right and inheritance, and assynged halfe a hyde in Fladbury with appurtenances, and half a hyde in Hamille (?) de Hulle &c in the same manor, and one yard of land in North Wyke &c. which Lee healde in the manor of Blockley, and half a hyde in Upton in the said manor whearof, Henry sonne of Hughe, houldeth one yard, and my Lorde the Bishop heald the other in his demeanes. In the end, by common advyse of fryndes on both syd'es, a fmall agreement was concluded between my Lord Bishop and my sealfe, that is to saye that my Lord Bishop hathe granted me the foresayde half hyde for which I sewed in Fladbury, to be heald of hym, as inheritance, saving eaver to my Lord Bishop and hys successors, and to our Lord the Kinge of England the owld and dewe rents same half hyde; and saving allso to hym and hys successors the newe ser(v)yse wheare unto I am bound for the same halfe hyde being the payment of eight shillings yearly, and I truly for thys agreement have released to my Lord the Byshop and hys successors for eaver the foresayd' yardland in Northwyke, and the halfe hyde in Upton, and for these three yards I disclayme my right and inheritance, so as neyther I nor myne heyres shall eaver make any tytell thear unto, and thys I have uppon the Holy Evangelists sworne to be eaver inviolably obsearved for mee and myne which that it maye remayne foreaver unmovable I have sett my seale". The following are the witnesses: Richard Louel, Parson of Fladbury, Robert Pypard, Hughe Pipart, Osbert de Lench, Simon de Hona Landa, Wi de Mara, Willielmo Egno, Rob. de Throkemorton, Jordan de Wykwane, Mr. German, Tho Brooc, Ri Chamberlayna &c. According to the 14th Report on Historical Mss. (British Gov.) app. 8, p. 194, pub. 1895, this deed is preserved among the muniments in the possession of the Dean and chapter of Worcester of the Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Worcester, in a room adjoining the Bishop's Registry in the Gateway Tower in a box of charters, and is referred to in the report as the Final concord between Henry, son of John of Trochemerton and Mauger, bishop of Worcester. I have endeavored to have this deed photographed with an idea of reproducing it, as it is the earliest Throckmorton deed extant but I regret to say that I have been unable to do so. On comparing this evidence with the demand made by John de Throkemerton it will be seen that the same land is involved and that as Henry refers to it as my right by inheritance, that John de Throkemerton must have died shortly after his demand on the Bishop. Assuming that he was an old man at the time of his death, he could have been the John, who Sir William Dugdale states was lord of the manor of Throckmorton in 1130.
2 Further proof as to the fact that Robert de Throckmorton was a son of Henry de Throkemerton is shown by William Roland, who undoubtedly was the husband of Henry's daughter and therefore sister to Robert, being the leading witness in the deed in which Adam de Throkemerton, son of Robert, grants to his brother Nicholas in his marriage with Alice, sister of his (Adam's) wife virgate in Throckmorton. See under Adam de Throkemerton, page 21. 2


Manorial Estate: Throckmorton Manor, Throckmorton, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10, GB. 3 In a catalogue of the charters of the monastery of Worcester there is mentioned one by Wulfstan called the Archbishop, who was Bishop of Worcester from 1062 to 1095, relating to three mansae at THROCKMORTON (Throcmortune, xi cent.; Trokemardtune, xii cent.; Trockmerton, Trochmerton, xiii cent.; Throkmarton, xiv cent.), but the nature of this charter is not known. Throckmorton is not mentioned in the Domesday Survey, being then probably included in Fladbury, of which it was part until the 15th century. After 1415 the manor was held of the Bishops of Worcester at a fee-farm rent of 12.

Throckmorton gives its name to the family of Throckmorton, who were tenants of the Bishop of Worcester at an early date, Reoland Throckmorton appearing as a juror for the hundred of Oswaldslow in the middle of the 12th century. Raulyn, who held 2 hides in Throckmorton about 1182, may have been a member of this family, possibly identical with Reoland. Adam de Throckmorton apparently owned land in Worcestershire in 1174\endash 5, and John and Joscelin de Throckmorton appear in 1175\endash 6 and 1176\endash 7, but it is not known that they held land in Throckmorton. Henry son of John de Throckmorton at the beginning of the 13th century obtained from Mauger Bishop of Worcester (1199\endash 1212) half a hide of land in Fladbury, and he is probably the Henry son of John who is mentioned in the Testa de Nevill as holding a virgate of land in Throckmorton.

Adam son of Robert, who also held at that time a virgate of land in Throckmorton, was possibly the Adam de Throckmorton who was dealing with a third of a fee in Upton and Throckmorton in 1232\endash 3. According to a pedigree of the family given by Nash, Adam died before 1248, and was succeeded by his son Robert, who was alive in 1252. Robert appears to have been succeeded before 1266 by a son Simon. Robert de Throckmorton, who obtained a dispensation from the Bishop of Worcester in 1275, was son of Simon. He was living in 1315\endash 16, and is perhaps identical with the Robert de Throckmorton who in 1333\endash 4 settled four messuages and land in Throckmorton upon his son John and Maud his wife, with remainder to his other children, Nicholas, Sybil, Alice and Joan. The manor of Throckmorton seems, however, to have passed to Robert's son Giles, for a messuage and 2 carucates of land in Throckmorton were settled in 1341\endash 2 upon Giles and his wife Agnes, and upon their sons Robert, John, Thomas and Richard in tail-male.

Thomas Throckmorton, who, according to the pedigree of the family given in the Visitation of Warwickshire, was a son of John Throckmorton, was of the retinue of Thomas Beauchamp Earl of Warwick in 1396, was escheator for the county of Worcester in 1402, and Constable of Elmley Castle in 1404\endash 5. He seems to have made a lease of the manor in 1410\endash 11, and was succeeded by his son Sir John Throckmorton, who was also of the retinue of the Earl of Warwick. In 1415 the Bishop of Worcester obtained licence to grant fourteen messuages and 2 carucates of land in Throckmorton to Sir John de Throckmorton, to be held of the bishop at a feefarm rent. This was probably the estate which the bishop had held in demesne in the 12th century. Habington evidently refers to this transaction when he says that John Carpenter, who succeeded as Bishop of Worcester in 1444, so much disliked the alienation of Throckmorton that he threatened to excommunicate the Prior and monks of Worcester on account of it, whereupon they sued to the Archbishop of Canterbury to send for Thomas son of John Throckmorton and command him to give satisfaction to the Bishop of Worcester. But 'thys lounge contention beeinge in the end utterly extinguished, thys good Bishopp entred into such a leauge of fryndshyp with Thomas Throckmorton as in Testimony of his charitye he enterteyned him to be Stuarde of all hys Castelles, Mannors etc. with a fee of 10 li. per annum.' In 1440 Sir John was styled chamberlain of the Exchequer and under-treasurer of England. He died in 1445, and was buried in the church of Fladbury, where there is an inscription to his memory. Sir John Throckmorton was succeeded by a son Thomas, who in 1467 obtained a general pardon for all offences committed by him before 23 June. He died in 1472,...

Henry married.


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