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Konrad II Römisch-deutscher König und Kaiser
(Abt 0990-1039)
Gisela von Schwaben
Guillaume de Poitou Duc d'Aquitaine (V), Comte de Poitou (II)
(Abt 0969-1030)
Agnès de Mâcon
(Between 0990/0995-1068)
Heinrich III Römisch-deutscher König und Kaiser
Agnès de Poitou Römisch-deutsche Königin und Kaiserin
(Abt 1025-1077)


Family Links

1. Rudolf von Rheinfelden Herzog von Schwaben


  • Born: 1045 1
  • Marriage (1): Rudolf von Rheinfelden Herzog von Schwaben in 1059 1
  • Died: 12 May 1060 aged 15 1

  General Notes:

MATHILDE (end 1045-12 May 1060). At the end of the passage dealing with 1045, Herimannus records the birth of a daughter to "Agnes regina" but does not name her. This presumably refers to Mathilde, probably her parents' oldest child given the date of her marriage. The Annales of Berthold record the marriage in 1059 of "Roudolfus Alemmanorum dux" and "Mahthildam, Heinrici regis sororem" and the death in 1060 of "Mahthilt soror regis". The Annales Sancti Blasii record the marriage in 1059 of "Roudolfus dux" and "Mahtildam regis sororem" and the death of "Mahtilt uxor Roudolfi ducis" in 1060.

m (1059) RUDOLF von Rheinfelden, son of Graf KUNO & his wife --- (-killed in battle near Hohenmölsen near Merseburg [15/16] Oct 1080, bur Merseburg cathedral). Duke of Swabia 1057-1079. He was one of the nobles opposed to his brother-in-law King Heinrich IV. He was elected anti-king of Germany at Forcheim in Feb 1077 by the German nobility who were affronted by Pope Gregory VI's withdrawal of the order of excommunication against King Heinrich. The Pope remained neutral at the time but after repeating his excommunication order against King Heinrich in 1080, he declared support for Rudolf as anti-king. 1

Mathilde married Rudolf von Rheinfelden Herzog von Schwaben in 1059.1 (Rudolf von Rheinfelden Herzog von Schwaben died on 16 Oct 1080 in "Schlacht bei Hohenmölsen", Hohenmölsen, Sachsen-Anhalts, 06679, DE 1 and was buried in Dom St. Johannes der Täufer, Merseburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, 06217, DE 1.). The cause of his death was Killed in battle.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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