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Ebrea de Trivers


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1. Orm FitzKetel

  • Gospatrick FitzOrm+
  • Robert FitzOrm
  • Michael FitzOrm
  • Roger FitzOrm
2. Ralph Engaine

Ebrea de Trivers 1

  • Marriage (1): Orm FitzKetel 1
  • Marriage (2): Ralph Engaine 1

  General Notes:

EBRIA [Ebrea] de Trivers, daughter of ROBERT de Trivers [Trevers/Travers] & his wife ---. J. E. Prescott (editor of the Wetherhal cartulary) shows her parentage, suggesting that her mother was "(?) sister of Ranulph Meschin" citing in an earlier passage the Testa de Nevill (quoted next) saying that the barony of Burgh-upon-Sands (named in the undated charter quoted below) was granted "by Ranulph Meschin 'Lord of Cumberland' [Vicomte du Bessin, later Earl of Chester] to Robert de Trivers (said to be his brother-in-law)". Her parentage is indicated by the Testa de Nevill which records "Ricardus de Lucy et Ricardus Gernun" holding land previously held by "Hugonis de Morvill cum duabus filiis predicti Hugonis de domino rege", noting that "comes Ranulfus quondam dominus Cumberland" had granted the land (as well as "custodiam foreste de Cumberland") to "Roberto de Trivers antecessori predicti Hugonis de Morvill".

m as her first husband, RALPH Engaine. Her marriage is indicated by the undated charter under which [her granddaughter's first husband] "Symon de Morvilla" confirmed donations to Wetherhal, land "in Croglyn" [Little Croglyn, parish of Kirkoswald] donated by "domina Ybri", and "duas salinas in parochia de Burgo" (one donated by "Radulphus Engahin", the other by "Willelmus filius eius"). "Willelmus filius Elyæ de Croglyn", with the consent of "Ysoudæ uxoris meæ et hæredum meorum", renounced claims over "dimidiam partem villæ de Croglyn..." which had been donated to Wetherhal by "domina Ybri", by undated charter.

m as her second husband and as his second wife, Orm. Her second marriage is indicated by the following document: "Gospatricius filius Orm" donated "villam de Salterge…" to St Bees by undated charter (dated to before 1158), witnessed by "Alano filio Wallef, Willelmo Engaine, Gilberto fratre eius, Roberto filio Orm, Micaele fratre eius…Elgiva uxore ipsius Gospatricii, Ebrea matre eius…Thoma filio Gospatricii, Adam, Roberto fratribus eius...Rogero filio Orm". Michael Anne Guido, noting that "the identity of [the witness] Ebrea is not conclusively proven" by this document, suggests that "there is circumstancial evidence which allows the postulation that [Gospatrick's mother was] probably Ebrea de Travers...whose first husband was Ranulf Engaine": she suggests convincingly that the prominent position of "Willelmo Engaine, Gilberto fratre eius" in the witness list (before the donor's brothers, wife and mother) indicates a close family relationship with the donor. As the mother of the Engaine brothers was also called "Ebria" as noted here, their witness list position would be justified if they were the donor's uterine half-brothers.

Ebria & her first husband, Ralph had two children: William and Gilbert.

Ebrea & her second husband, Orm had four children: Gospatrick, Robert, Michael and Roger. 1

Ebrea married Orm FitzKetel, son of Ketel FitzEldred and Christiana.1 (Orm FitzKetel died after 1094 1.)

Ebrea next married Ralph Engaine.1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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