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Robert [III] Corbet 4th Baron of Caus
(Bef 1158-Between 1219/1222)
Roger de Vautort of Harberton, Devon
(Abt 1165-1206)
Thomas [I] Corbet 5th Baron of Caus
(-Bef 1274)
Isabel de Vautort
Peter Corbet 6th Baron of Caus


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1. Unknown

  • Peter Corbet 7th Baron of Caus

Peter Corbet 6th Baron of Caus

  • Marriage (1): Unknown


Inquisition: Post mortem, 2 Nov 1274. 1 85. Thomas Corbeth.

Writ (missing).


Extent, Tuesday after St. Luke, 2 Edw. I. (defective.)

Worthin. The manor (extent given with names of free tenants, some doing suit at the court of Caus).

Yokelthul. The manor (similar extent given).

Wontenowr. The manor (similar extent given). The church is in the gift of the lord of Caus.

Munsterleg'. The manor (similar extent given).

Caus. The manor (extent given) with names of free tenants holding knights' fees and doing suit at the court of Caus, viz.- Edmund de Hodeneth, Robert Corbeth, Fulk son of Fulk son of Warin, John de Arundel, Robert Pigot, and Robert Burnel without suit, 1 fee each; Reginald son of Peter, Robert de Witidon, Roger Burnel, Roger de Mars, and John de Hanewode, fee each; Roger de Horton fee, Madoc 1 virgate land paying 5s. yearly, and William Hag' 1 virgate paying 20d. yearly.

Aston. The manor is held for 1 knight's fee of the lord of Caus, and is in the king's wardship ...

Pleas and perquisites of the chief court of Caus 100s. yearly.

Peter his son is his next heir ... ought to hold the said tenements of the king in chief as of escheat through the death of Sir (Robert) sometime earl of Salopessur', and this by service of 5 knights with the king in time of war.

C. Edw. I. File 7. (8.)

Peter married.


1 J E E S Sharp and A E Stamp, <i>Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem </i> (London: n.p., n.d.), 2 Edward I: 58-65.

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