Henry Grapenel
(-Bef 1299)
Petronilla Grapenel


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Petronilla Grapenel


Inquisition: Writ de melius inquirendo, 23 Jul 1327. 1 44. HENRY GRAPENEL.

Writ de melius inquirendo 23 July, 1 Edward III.

Whereas by an inquisition taken by John de Blomville, late escheator of King Edward II, it was found that the manor of Lachindon called 'Teyledehalle,' which is of the inheritance of Joan, late the wife of Eudo la Zouche, and daughter and heir of William Inge, deceased, and which with lands of the said Eudo, on account of a felony whereof he was indicted, was taken into the hand of the said king, and is still in the king's hand, was bound to Margaret de Haveryngge in 4l. yearly; but there is no mention made by whom the manor was so bound, when, and for what cause, &c.

ESSEX. Inq. 10 December, 1 Edward III. Lachendon. One Henry Grapenel held in his demesne as of fee on the day of his death the manor of Lachendon called 'Tyghledehalle' with other lands and tenements in the counties of Essex and Oxford, upon whose decease the same descended by inheritance (nomine hereditario) to Petronilla, Margery, Joan and Margaret, his daughters and heirs; and on St. John the Baptist's day, 27 Edward I, a division (participatio) of the inheritance between the said daughters was agreed to; viz.- the said manor was assigned to the said Margery, mother of Joan, late the wife of Eudo la Zouche, to hold as her pourparty of the said inheritance, rendering to Margaret her sister, and her heirs, 4l. yearly as the pourparty of the said inheritance falling to the said Margaret, to be received yearly out of the aforesaid manor, and so the said manor was bound by the said Margery, and by the said partition, to the said Margaret in the above sum. The said Margaret from the date of the said division was peacefully seised of the said 4l. for her life, and (similarly) after her death for the whole time of the said Eudo la Zouche and Joan his wife, daughter of the said Margery, until the day on which the manor, together with other lands of the said Eudo, by reason of his forfeiture was taken into the late king's hands, viz.- the eve of St. James the apostle, 19 Edward II, since when until this day the said rent has been in arrear.

C. Edw. III. File 2. (16.)


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