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Hugues [II] de Bourgogne Duc de Bourgogne
(Abt 1085-After 1143)
Mathilde de Mayenne
(-After 1162)
Thibaut [IV] de Blois Comte de Blois
(Abt 1090/1095-1152)
Mathilde von Sponheim
Eudes [II] de Bourgogne Duc de Bourgogne
(Abt 1120-1162)
Marie de Blois
(1128-Abt 1190/1190)
Hugues [III] de Bourgogne Duc de Bourgogne
(Abt 1148-1192)


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  • Eudes [III] de Bourgogne Duc de Bourgogne
  • Alexandre de Bourgogne
  • Marie de Bourgogne
  • Alix de Bourgogne

Hugues [III] de Bourgogne Duc de Bourgogne

  • Born: Abt 1148 1
  • Marriage (1): Béatrice d'Albon Comtesse d'Albon on 1 Sep 1183 in Saint-Gilles-en-Languedoc, FR 1
  • Marriage (2): Alix de Lorraine in 1165
  • Died: 7 or 25 Aug 1192, Acre, IL aged about 44 1
  • BuriedMale: Abbaye de Cîteaux, Saint-Nicolas-lès-Cîteaux, Côte-d'Or, Bourgogne, 21700, FR 1

  General Notes:

HUGUES de Bourgogne , son of EUDES II Duke of Burgundy & his wife Marie de Blois ([1148]-Acre 7 or 25 Aug 1192, bur Abbaye de Cîteaux). William of Tyre calls him "dux Burgundiæ Henricus junior" when recording his arrival in Palestine in 1171 with his maternal uncle Etienne de Champagne Comte de Sancerre. He succeeded his father in 1162 as HUGUES III Duke of Burgundy, under the regency of his mother until Apr 1165. After helping Louis VII King of France against the rebel Guillaume Comte de Chalon, the king granted him part of the county of Chalon in 1166. He bought the county of Langres from Guy III Comte de Saulx in 1178, and ceded it to his uncle Gauthier de Bourgogne Bishop of Langres in 1179. He went to Palestine with his maternal uncle Etienne de Champagne Comte de Sancerre in 1171. Comte d'Albon by right of his second wife. "Hugo Burgundie dux et Albonii comes" donated property to the Templars at Beaune, with the support of "Beatricis uxoris mee et…filiorum meorum Odonis, Alexandri et Dalphini", by charter dated Dec 1188. He took part in the Third Crusade with Philippe II "Auguste" King of France. After the king's return to France, Duke Hugues was appointed Constable of the French armies in Jul 1191. He marched south of Acre with Richard I King of England, but returned to Acre in 1192 following disputes with the other crusader leaders. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines in 1191 records the death of "dux Burgundie Hugo" and his burial "apud Templarios". The necrology of Cîteaux records the death "VIII Id Aug" of "Hugo dux Burgundie qui obit ultra mare". The Annales S. Benigni Divisionensis record the death "mense Sep 1162" of "Odo dux Burgundiæ, relinquens filium Hugonem".

m firstly (1165, repudiated 1183) ALIX de Lorraine, daughter of MATHIEU I Duke of Lorraine & his wife Bertha [Judith] von Staufen ([1145]-4 Mar before 1200). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Aaliz filia Mosellanorum ducis Mathei" as wife of "dux Hugo filius ducis Odonis", although he is referring to Duke Hugues II not Duke Hugues III which is clearly incorrect. In a later passage, the same source correctly names "Aaliz mater ducis Burgundie Odonis uxor…Hugonis et Iutta mater comitis Stephani avia…Iohannis Cabilonensis" as sisters of "dux Symon et Fredericus de Bites et comes Matheus Tullensis et Theodericus". "Hugo dux Burgundie…Aeliz ducissa Burgundie cum Odone filio meo" donated property to Cîteaux by charter dated 1171. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines also records the repudiation of Alix by her husband. "Bertha…Lotharingorum ducissa…et filii mei Theodericus, Simon Dux et Marchio, Fredericus, et junior eorum Matthæus, soror quoque ipsorum Aleidis Ducissa Burgundiæ" donated property to Mont Saint-Trinité, for the soul of "viri mei nobilis ducis Matthæi", by charter dated to [1177]. She returned to Lorraine after her repudiation. The necrology of Cîteaux records the death "IV Non Mar" of "domina Alaydis quondam ducissa Burgundie".

m secondly (Saint-Gilles-en-Languedoc 1 Sep 1183) as her second husband, BEATRIX de Viennois Ctss d´Albon, widow of ALBERIC "Taillefer" de Toulouse Comte de Saint-Gilles, daughter of GUIGUES [VII] Comte d'Albon, Dauphin & his wife Beatrix --- (1161-Château de Vizille, Isère 15 Dec 1228, bur Abbaye de Ayes, near Grenoble). Her parentage and first marriage are confirmed by a chronicle written by "Guillaume, chanoine de l´église cathédrale de Grenoble" which records that "filiam filii sui" (referring to Marguerite, paternal grandmother of Beatrix) married "comitem S. Ægidii". The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the wife of "Albrico Tailhefer comite Sancti Egidii" was "filia senioris Dalfini" and her second marriage to "dux". The Annales S. Benigni Divisionensis record the marriage of Duke Hugues with "Beatricem, filiam Delfini comitis Alboni apud Sanctum Egidium". She married thirdly ([1193]) Hugues Seigneur de Coligny-le-Neuf . Her third marriage is confirmed by the following document: "Hugo Coloniaci", leaving for Jerusalem, donated rights in property "apud Siliniacum" to the Chartreuse of Seligna by charter dated 1202, witnessed by "Beatrix ducissa uxor mea...". Valbonnais cites the testament of "la duchesse Beatrix" dated 1228 which names "son héritier le Dauphin André son fils…Matilde sa fille aînée femme de Jean Comte de Chalon…Marguerite son autre fille épouse d´Amedée fils du comte de Savoye".

Duke Hugues III & his first wife had [four] children: Eudes, Alexandre, Marie and [Alix].

Duke Hugues III& his second wife had [three] children: Andre, Mathilde and Marguerite. 1

Hugues married Béatrice d'Albon Comtesse d'Albon, daughter of Guigues [VII] d'Albon Comte d'Albon and Béatrice, on 1 Sep 1183 in Saint-Gilles-en-Languedoc, FR.1 (Béatrice d'Albon Comtesse d'Albon was born in 1161,1 died on 15 Dec 1228 in Château de Vizille, Vizille, Isère, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 38220, FR 1 and was buried in Abbaye Notre-Dame des Ayes, Crolles, Isère, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 38220, FR 1.)

Hugues next married Alix de Lorraine, daughter of Mathieu I de Lorraine Duc de Lorraine and Bertha von Staufen, in 1165. (Alix de Lorraine was born about 1145 1 and died before 4 Mar 1200 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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