John [II] le Strange
(-Bef 1234)
Amice la Fusche
(-After 1234)
John [III] le Strange
(-Bef 1269)
John [IV] le Strange
(-Bef 1276)


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1. Joan de Somery

John [IV] le Strange

  • Marriage (1): Joan de Somery 1
  • Died: Bef 26 Feb 1276 2

  General Notes:

JOHN [IV] le Strange (-before 28 Dec 1275). A writ dated 26 Feb "4 Edw I", following the death of "John L'Estrange alias Le Estraunge" names "John his son believed to be 22 and more is his next heir...aged 28".

m JOAN de Somery, daughter of ROGER [IV] de Somery & his first wife Nicole de Albini of the Earls of Arundel. The Annales Londonienses name "filium Radulphum qui mortuus erat ante patrem suum et quatuor filias, Margaretam, Johannam, Elizabetham et Matildam, Margareta nupsit Radulpho de Basset juniori, Johanna nupsit Johanni Lestrange, Elizabetha Waltero de Souli, Matillda Henrico de Erdyntoune" as the children of "Rogeri de Someri" and his wife "Nicholaa", adding that Joan married "Johanni Lestrange". A writ dated 26 Aug "1 Edw I", after the death of "Roger de Somery" records details of "the inheritance of Nicholaa de Albiniaco his first wife" and names "Margaret the wife of Ralph de Cromwelle, Joan the wife of John le Strange, Mabel the wife of Walter de Suyllye and Maud the wife of Henry de Erdinton" as her heirs.

John [IV] & his wife had one child: John. 1


Manorial Estate, 1253, Shangton Manor, Shangton, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE8 0, GB. 3 According to Nichols the manor came into the possession of the family of Lestrange of Cheswardine and Great Ness (Salop.) in the reign of Henry II. The earliest documentary evidence shows that Shangton was in the possession of John Lestrange II (fl. 1197-1234), and that he held knight's fee there by 1206. John Lestrange II married Amice la Fusche, and she, after her husband's death, granted all her land in Shangton to her son William. William must have been born shortly before his father's death, as he was apparently only just of age in 1253. Presumably after that date he purchased land in Hardwick and Great Glen; the transaction was witnessed by John Lestrange III (d. before March 1269), John Lestrange IV, and his brother Hamon. William I was probably still holding Shangton in 1279, from John Lestrange IV; he died after April 1296. In 1304 William II granted all his arable land in Shangton and Hardwick for a year to John de Wileby or Willoughby, who had married his daughter Joan. The conditions of this grant were that John should cultivate the ground and have the labour of William's bondmen, together with the small grange, and should make over to William half the profits of Shangton and a third of the profits of Hardwick. About the same time he granted to John and Joan the share of his lands in Shangton and Hardwick which he had previously granted to his daughter Hilary, and which he had received back at her death. These transactions are further complicated by another deed by which John and Joan de Wileby granted back to William the capital messuage of Shangton, with the windmill and other profits, to hold for life with reversion to the heirs of John and Joan. William Lestrange II was probably dead before 1313 when John de Wileby held 1/9 knight's fee in Shangton and Hardwick. In 1315 he settled the estate upon his son Robert and Robert's wife Emma. He was dead before 1327 and perhaps before 1324.

In 1360 Robert, son of Robert de Wileby, granted to Thomas Drakelowe and Elizabeth his wife all his lands in Shangton and Hardwick for the life of their son Thomas, who had probably married an Alice Willoughby, perhaps Robert's daughter. In 1366 Thomas Drakelowe is referred to as lord of Shangton. The manor passed, again apparently through a woman, to Thomas and Eleanor Chaumbre, who received the manor by a complicated series of transactions in 1428. Thomas Chaumbre was still lord of the manor in 1444 when he manumitted a villein, but by 1452 the manor had probably passed to Sir William Vaux of Harrowden (Northants.). Vaux forfeited the estate with his other possessions in 1461, and in 1464 it was granted to Ralph Hastings. After 1485 it was restored to Nicholas, 1st Baron Vaux, who died in 1523, seised of the manor which was still then held of the manor of Stonton Wyville. In 1557 Nicholas's grandson sold the manors of Shangton and Hardwick to John and Dorothy Wyrley.

Inquisition, 26 Aug 1273. 4 16. Roger de Somery.

Writ, 26 Aug. 1 Edw. I.

[Stafford.] Extent, Tuesday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 1 Edw. I. Clent. The manor (extent given), including pasture on the moor of Halenmor and Hodenhulle, with the advowson of the church, tenure unspecified. The manor ought to be taxed when the king taxes his manors.

[Berks.] Inq. and extent, the eve of St. Luke, 1 Edw. I.

Bradfield. The manor (extent given) with the advowson of the church, held of the king in chief as member of his barony of Duddeley.

Knights' fees:- Berks. Stanford. The manor held of the manor of Bradefeld by Reginald son of Peter and Oliver de Punchardun for 1 fee. Yngepenne. The manor, held by Roger de Yngepenne for fee. Hodicot and Hildesle. The manors, held by Walter de la Poylle for 2 fees. Kingeston. The manor, held by William de Fukeram for 1 fee. Yatingeden. The manor, held by Bartholomew de Yatingeden for 1 fee. Englefeld. The manor, held by John de Englefeld for 2 fees. Cumpton near le Witehors. The manor, held by William de Bello Campo for 1 fee. Surrey. Middelton. The manor, held by the prioress of Kileburn for fee. Abingewrth. The manor, held by David de Jarpenvile for 1 fee. All the above owe suit at the court of the manor of Bradefeld, and scutage when it runs.

Roger his son, aged 18 at the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in the said year, is his next heir.

[Worcester.] Extent, Saturday after St. Matthew, 1 Edw. I. Duddeleg. The manor and borough (extent given), including rents of tenants in Lodynton, pleas, &c. of the hundred, and a wood called Peninak one league in length from the boundaries of the manors of Seggesle and Suyneford in co. Stafford, and league in breadth, tenure unspecified.

[Worcester.] Extent, Friday the octave of St. Michael, 1 Edw. I.

Woleye. The manor (extent given) held of the king in chief by knight's service as member of the barony of Dudeley.

Cradeley. The manor (extent given), including 12d. rent of the mill of Ruleye, tenure unspecified.

Heir as above, aged 18 at the feast of St. Margaret in the said year.

[Stafford.] Extent, Sunday before St. Denis, 1 Edw. I. Mere. The manor (extent given). It was sometime the king's demesne, but king John enfeoffed Ralph de Somery, grandfather of the said Sir Roger, thereof for 10 marks yearly to be rendered by the hands of the sheriff of Stafford. Heir as above.

[Stafford.] Extent, Monday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 1 Edw. I. Seggesley. The manor (full extent given with names of tenants), including a castle newly commenced at Duddele, rents in Cotes, Pemre (?), and Pendeford, the carriage of hay from Overton park, co. Warwick, to Duddele castle, pasture in Le Hurste moor and Ellennalle moor, and the house and garden of Ellennalle, tenure unspecified.

[Stafford.] Extent, Tuesday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 1 Edw. I. Swyneford. The manor (extent given), including a wood called Pennak, 1 league in length and from to league in breadth, and pasture in the moor and in the field towards Aswode, tenure unspecified. The manor ought to be taxed when the king taxes his manors throughout England.

[Warwick.] Extent (undated). Bordesle. (The manor) (extent given), including pleas &c. of the courts at Bordesle and Aston, tenure unspecified.

Buckingham. Extent, Sunday after the Nativity of the Blessed Mary, 1 Edw. I. Neuport Paynel. The manor (extent given), including Northawes, tenure unspecified. Tykeford. The advowson of the priory.

Knights' fees pertaining to the manor: Stokditton. 3 fees held by Robert Pugeys. Ouvinge. 2 fees held by Robert de Ouvinge. Emberton. Held for 1 fee by Aymer de Lucy. Tyrigham. 1 fee held by John de Tyrigham. Great Craule. fee held by the same. Caudecote. fee held by Robert son of Adam. Wolfeston. fee held by Henry son of William le Clerk. Little Craule. fee held by Simon de Pateshull. Checchele. 1 fee held by Samson Maunsel. Estwode. fee held by Robert de la Rokele. Gibbemers. fee held by Robert Brien.

Oxford. Chiselhampton. 1 fee held by Robert Pugeys. Huntingdon. Waresle. 1 fee held by William Engayne. Rutland. Tolthorp. 1 fee held by Thomas de Tolthorp.

Extent or summary of lands &c. which were of his own inheritance (as above), whereof Lady Anabel, late his wife, ought to be dowered; and of lands &c. which were of the inheritance of Nicholaa de Albiniaco, his first wife (as below).

Writ of extent, 28 Aug. 1 Edw. I. of lands &c. held by the said Roger of the inheritance of Nicholaa his first wife. Indorsed with the names of manors &c. held:

Of his own inheritance, as above.

Of the inheritance of his first wife, viz.:-

Leicester. Barwe (alias Barwe upon Sore).

Gloucester. Campeden (alias Caumpeden).

Of the inheritance of his second wife, viz:-

Leicester. Dauby.

Warwick. Aspeley.

Northampton. Chaucumbe.

Of the dower of his second wife, viz:-

Leicester. Sedgrave (?), Monsorel, Whestone and of Syleby.

Derby. Bretteby, Cotes and Rostlaston.

[Gloucester.] Inq. and extent, Wednesday after St. Denis, 1 Edw. I. (defaced.)

Campeden. The manor (full extent given with names of tenants), including a burgage in Winchecumbe, tenements and a burgage in Gloucester, and lands &c. in Westington super Waldas and Byriton in the Marsh, held of the king in chief as part of the barony of Chester falling to him through Nicholaa de Albaniaco his first wife, one of the heirs of Hugh de Albaniaco earl of Arundell, who was one of the heirs of Ranulph sometime earl of Chester.

Campeden. The borough (full extent given with names of tenants). Isabel de Albaniaco, countess of Arundell, has a part of the foreign manor and borough in dower worth 100s. yearly, which she recovered against the said Roger before the justices of the Bench; and he drew to warrant Roger de Muhaut and John son of Alan, and has received yearly 50s. from the former at Coventry and 50s. from the latter at Arundell, which pertain to the manor of Campeden whilst the said countess lives.

Bradecampeden, held by Richard de Greinvile and Richard de Gre ...

Margaret the wife of Ralph de Cromwelle, Joan the wife of John le Strange, Mabel the wife of Walter de Suyllye, and Maud the wife of Henry de Erdinton, are next heirs of the said Nicholaa, and of full age.

[Leicester.] Extent, The day of St. Michael, 1 Edw. I. Barue alias Barwe, Barewe. The manor (full extent given with names of tenants) including 7 bovates land in Wyleby held by Elias de Brademere of the fee of Mortain (Martini) rendering 2s. yearly; 3 virgates held by William the clerk of Ravenneston and his partners rendering 3s.; Thorpbossard held by Hugh Bossard for knight's fee; Nayleston manor held by the heirs of Henry de Hastingges, rendering nothing but suit of court; and 3 virgates in Fruseby held by Preciosa de Staunton, rendering 1 quiver and 13 barbed arrows; all held, of the inheritance of the said Nicholaa, of the king in chief of the honour of Chester, doing service of one knight to the king in the army in Wales.

The abovesaid Margaret de Crumbwell, Joan le Estraunge, Mabel de Sullye, and Maud de Erdinton, daughters of the said Roger and Nicholaa, are next heirs of the said Nicholaa, and of full age.

Partition (undated) of the manors of Barwe and Caumpden (full details given) between Sir Ralph de Crumwell, Sir John Lestrange (Extranei), Henry de Herdington alias de Erdington, and Sir Walter de Suly.

C. Edw. I. File 2 (6).

Inquisition: Post mortem, 26 Feb 1276. 2 187. John L'estrange (Extraneus) alias Le Estraunge.

Writ, 26 Feb. 4 Edw. I.

Norfolk. Inq. (undated and defective.)

Hunstanton. The manor (extent given), held on one side of the water of the heirs of the earl of Arundell by service of 5 knights' fees, and on the other side of the water ... de Milham by service of 1 knight's fee.

John his son, believed to be 22 and more, is his next heir.

[Salop.] Inq. (undated.)

Kinton and Nesse. 4 carucates land, held of the king in chief by service of 1 knight.
Knokin. The manor, held of the heirs of Robert de Halhtone, service unknown.
Ruton and Mudle. The manors, held of the heirs of John son of Alan by service of 2 knights; but Isabel late the wife of the said John son of Alan is dowered of that service.
Heir as above, aged 22.

Writ, 26 Feb. 4 Edw. I.

[Northampton.] Inq. (undated.)

Botindone. A messuage, 1 carucate land with meadow and pasture, 10 virgates land in villenage, and 30s. 7d. and a barbed arrow of free rent, held of the heirs of Roger de Sumery through free marriage, rendering nothing.

Heir as above, his firstborn son and aged 23.

Writ, 26 Feb. 4 Edw. I.

Gloucester. Inq. (undated.)

Caumpeden. A messuage, 2 carucates arable with meadows and pastures, and in the borough of Caumpeden 23s. 11d. rent of assize, 14 virgates and 12a. land in villenage, and his share of four mills, held of the king in chief by barony in pourparty with the heirs of Arundel; and he and his three coparceners held a fourth part of all the lands &c. which were of the earl of Arundel, but how much service pertains to his pourparty is unknown to the jury.

Heir as above.

C. Edw. I. File 14. (4.)

Inquisition: Post mortem, 29 Nov 1284. 5 545. Nicholaa, late the wife of Roger de Somery.

Writ (missing).


Partition, between Maud de Erdinton, Ralph de Crumwell, Walter de Sutleye and John le Estraunge, heirs of the said Nicholaa, the morrow of St. Andrew, 12 Edw. I. (defective and defaced.)

Olney. The manor (full partition with the names of tenants and of many cultures, meadows &c.), including the wood of Waldhey, the keepership of the wood of Olney, knight's fee in Emberton, 1 knight's fee in Shenle, knight's fee in Woketon, and 1 knight's fee in Alecote.

(See No. 16.)

C. Edw. I. File 40. (11.)

John married Joan de Somery, daughter of Sir Roger [IV] de Somery and Nicole d'Aubigny.1 (Joan de Somery died after 26 Aug 1273.)


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