Olaf Sihtricsson King of Dublin
(Abt 0900-Abt 0978/0980)


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1. Gormlaith Ní Murchada

  • Sihtric Olafsson King of Dublin

Olaf Sihtricsson King of Dublin

  • Born: Abt 900
  • Marriage (1): Gormlaith Ní Murchada
  • Died: Abt 978-980, Iona, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, GB aged about 78

  General Notes:

OLAF [Amlaib] Sihtricsson, son of SIHTRIC King of York & his first wife --- ([900]-Iona [978/80]). Given the date of his death, and the record of activities of the sons of King Sihtric in 922, it is likely that Olaf was born in [900]. [The Annals of Clonmacnoise record in 922 that "Maceilgi with the sons of Sittrick tooke Dublyn on Godfrey". The source does not name Sihtric´s sons who were involved in this campaign.] He was accepted as King of York by the Northumbrians in 927 after the death of his father, and was supported by his uncle Guthfrith who came from Dublin. However, Æthelstan invaded Northumbria and expelled Olaf, who joined his father's former associates in Ireland. The Annals of the Four Masters record in 938 that "Amhlaeibh Cuaran went to Cair-Abroc". Florence of Worcester records that Olaf joined his cousin at York in 940 and was elected King of York. Simeon of Durham records that "the son of Sihtric named Onlaf reigned over the Northumbrians" in 941 but was driven out in 943. He lost the territories gained by Olaf Guthfrithson to Edmund King of Wessex in 942, and he was driven out of York and deposed in favour of his cousin Rægnald. He returned to Northumbria in 944, reasserting himself as king in opposition to Rægnald, but he was expelled by Edmund King of Wessex later that year. Simeon of Durham records that King Edmund expelled "king…Anlaf the son of Sihtric and [king] Reignold the son of Guthferth" from Northumbria in 944. Florence of Worcester records that Eadmund King of Wessex expelled "duos reges, Anlafum regis…Sihtrici filium, et Reignoldum Guthferthi filium" from Northumbria, undated but dateable to [944] from the context. King of Dublin: the Annals of the Four Masters record that "Blacaire one of the chiefs of the foreigners was expelled from Dublin" in 943 and "Amhlaeibh remained after him there". The Annals of Ulster record that "Blacair gave up Áth Cliath" in 945 and that "Amlaíb succeeded him". He returned to York once more in 949, expelling King Erik "Blodøks/Blood-axe", but was finally driven out in his turn by Erik in 952, when he returned to Dublin to take over from his brother Guthfrith. The Annals of the Four Masters record in 962 "a victory…over Amlaeibh, son of Sitric, by the Osraighi i.e. at Inis-Teoc". The Annals of the Four Masters record in 965 that "Muireadhach, son of Faelan, Abbot of Cill-dara, and royal heir of Leinster, was slain by Amhlaeibh, lord of the foreigners, and by Cearbhall, son of Lorcan". The Annals of the Four Masters record in 975 that "Muircheartach, son of Domhnall Ua Neill, and Conghalach, son of Domhnall, son of Conghalach, two heirs to the monarchy of Ireland, were slain by Amhlaeibh, son of Sitric". The Annals of the Four Masters record in 978 "the battle of Teamhair…gained by Maelseachlainn, son of Domhnall, over the foreigners of Ath-cliath and of the Islands, and over the sons of Amhlaeibh in particular", where "Ragnhall son of Amhlaeibh heir to the sovereignty of the foreigners" was killed, adding that "after this Amhlaeibh went across the sea and died at l-Coluim-Cille". The Annals of Tigernach record that "Olaf son of Sitric high-king over the Foreigners of Dublin" died in Iona in [978/79] after being defeated by "Mael-Sechnaill the Great", the battle being dated between 978 and 980 in different sources.

m firstly ---. No record has been found in any primary sources which confirms this supposed first marriage. However, given Olaf´s estimated birth date, it is likely that he was married before his marriage to the widow of Domnall.

m [secondly] (after 952) as her second husband, ---, widow of DOMNALL, daughter of ---. Her marriages are confirmed by the Annals of Tigernach which record that "MaelSechnaill son of Domnall and Glún iarainn (Ironknee) son of Olaf, son of MaelSechnail´s mother" defeated "Domnall Clóen, son of Lorcán, and Imar of Waterford" in [981/82] [1285] .

m [thirdly] as her first husband, GORMLAITH, daughter of MURCHAD MacFinn King of Leinster & his wife --- (-1030). She married secondly Brian Boru, and thirdly, as his [third] wife, Maelsechnaill King of Ireland . The Annals of Tigernach record the death in 1030 of "Gormlaith, daughter of Murchad son of Fland" mother of "Sitric son of Olaf king of the Foreigners and of Donnchad son of Brian king of Munster". The Annals of the Four Masters record the death in 1030 of "Gormlaith daughter of Murchadh son of Finn, mother of the king of the foreigners Sitric, Donnchadh son of Brian king of Munster, and Conchobhar son of Maeleachlainn king of Teamhair".

Olaf & his [first] wife had [two] children.

Olaf & his [second] wife had one child.

Olaf & his [third] wife had one child: Sihtrc.

Olaf & his [---] wife had four children.

Olaf married Gormlaith Ní Murchada. (Gormlaith Ní Murchada died in 1030 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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