(-After 1100)
Robert FitzHarding of Berkeley, Gloucetsershire
(Abt 1094/1096-1171)
Henry de Berkeley Archdeacon of Exeter


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Henry de Berkeley Archdeacon of Exeter

  General Notes:

HENRY de Berkeley . "Robertus filius Hardingi" founded the priory of St Augustine at Bristol, during the reign of King Henry II, by undated charter witnessed by "Henrico decano Moretonić et Mauritio fratre eius…". "Maurice de Berkeley" granted "the moiety of his land of Gosinton" to "William his son", with the consent of "Robert his son and heir", by charter dated to 1185/89, witnessed by "...Henry, Elias his brothers...". Deacon of Mortain. A charter of King Edward II recalls the foundation of Bristol St Augustine, quoting a charter of King Henry II which was witnessed by "…Roberto filio Hardingi, Henrico et Mauricio filiis eius…", and a charter of "Robertus filius Hardingi" witnessed by "Henri. archid. Exon. Mauricio, Nicholao, Roberto fratribus eius…". Archdeacon of Exeter. 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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