Mieszko II Lambert Polski Król Polski [King of Poland]
Richeza von Lothringen
Vladimir Sviatoslavich Grand Prince of Kiev
(Abt 0960-1015)
Kazimierz I Karol Polski Ksiaze Polski [Duke of Poland]
Dobronega Maria Vladimirovna
(Bef 1012-1087)
Wladyslaw I Herman Polski Ksiaze malopolski, slaski i sandomierski [Duke of Poland, Silesia and Sandomierz]
(Abt 1044-1102)


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2. Judita Premyslovna
  • Boleslaw III Polski Ksiaze Polski [Duke of Poland]+
3. Unknown
  • Zbigniew Polski Ksiaze Polski [Duke of Poland]

Wladyslaw I Herman Polski Ksiaze malopolski, slaski i sandomierski [Duke of Poland, Silesia and Sandomierz]

  • Born: Abt 1044 1
  • Marriage (1): Judith
  • Marriage (2): Judita Premyslovna about 1080 1
  • Marriage (3): Unknown
  • Died: 4 Jun 1102 aged about 58 1

  General Notes:

W HERMAN of Poland, son of KAZIMIERZ I KAROL "Odnowiciel/the Renewer" Prince of Poland & his wife Dobronega Maria Vladimirovna of Kiev ([1044]-4 Jun 1102). The Chronica principum Polonie records that one source names "duos filios, Bolcelsum secundum et Wladislaum primum" as the children of "Kazimirus" and his wife "Dobrognewam", adding that another source names "quatuor…filios Boleslaum, Wladislaum, Meziconem et Ottonem unamque filiam" as his children by his unnamed wife "de Russia". The Chronicæ Polanorum names (in order) the four sons "Bolezlavus, Wladislaus, Mescho et Otto" of King Kazimierz, and an (unnamed) daughter who married "regi Bohemiæ". "Vladizlaum et Bolizlaum" are named as sons of Kazimierz & his wife in the Annalista Saxo. He succeeded in 1080 as Wladyslaw I Prince of Poland. The Annales Capituli Cracoviensis record the death in 1102 of "Hermannus dux Polonie cognominatus Vladislaus".

m firstly ([1080]) JUDITH of Bohemia, daughter of VRATISLAV II Duke of the Bohemians & his second wife Adelheid of Hungary ([1056/58]-25 Dec 1086). The Annalista Saxo names "Iudhitam et Ludmilam filias et Brazilaum iuniorem et Wratislaum" as children of Duke Vratislav and his Hungarian wife. The Chronica Boemorum names (in order) "Iudithæ et Ludmilæ, similiter Bracislai iunioris et Wratislai, qui in primo flore iuventutis occidit XIII Kal Dec" as children of "ductrix Adleyth". In the same passage, the chronicler records that one of Duke Vratislav's daughters, unnamed and without specifying by which marriage, married "duci Polonico". The Chronicæ Polanorum refers to the wife of King W as "filiam Wratislavi Bohemici regis". The Chronica Boemorum records the death "1085 VIII Kal Ian" of "Iuditha coniux Wladizlai ducis Poloniorum, quæ fuit filia Wratizlai ducis Boemorum". The Annales Capituli Cracoviensis record the death in 1086 of "Iudith mater sua [Bolezslaus tertius]". The Chronicon Polono-Silesiacum records that she died from the effects of childbirth.

m secondly ([1089]) as her second husband, JUDITH [Maria/Sophia] of Germany, widow of SALOMON King of Hungary, daughter of Emperor HEINRICH III King of Germany & his second wife Agnès de Poitou ([1054]-14 Mar [1092/96], bur Admont Abbey). The Annales Yburgenses refer to the wife of "Ungariam…[rex] Salemannum" as "regis Heinrici sororem". The Chronicæ Polanorum records that King W married "sororem imperatoris tertii Henrici, uxorem prius Salemonis Ungariæ regis". The Chronicon Polono-Silesiacum specifies her name "Iudite". The necrology of Weltenburg records the death "II Id Mar" of "Iudita de Polonia soror Heinrici imperatoris IV". The necrology of Regensburg St Emmeran records the death "II Id Mar" of "Iudita regina". The necrology of Speyer records the death "II Id Mar" of "Iudda regina imperatricis filia".

Mistress (1): ---. The name of Prince Wladyslaw's mistress is not known.

Prince Wladyslaw & his first wife had one child: Boleslaw.

Prince Wladyslaw & his second wife had [four] children: a daughter, Agnes, [Adelajda] and a daughter.

Prince Wladyslaw had one Illegitimate child by Mistress (1): Zbigniew. 1

Wladyslaw married Judith, daughter of Heinrich III Römisch-deutscher König und Kaiser and Agnès de Poitou Römisch-deutsche Königin und Kaiserin. (Judith was born about 1054 1 and died between 14 Mar 1092 and 14 Mar 1096 1.)

Wladyslaw next married Judita Premyslovna, daughter of Vratislav II Premyslovci Ceský Král [King of Bohemia] and Adelheid, about 1080.1 (Judita Premyslovna died on 25 Dec 1086 1.)

Wladyslaw next married.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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