Konrad II Römisch-deutscher König und Kaiser
(Abt 0990-1039)


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1. Gisela von Schwaben

Konrad II Römisch-deutscher König und Kaiser 1

  • Born: Abt 990 1
  • Marriage (1): Gisela von Schwaben 1
  • Died: 4 Jun 1039, Utrecht, Utrecht, 3450, NL aged about 49 1
  • BuriedMale: Domkirche St. Maria und St. Stephan, Speyer, 67346, DE 1

  General Notes:

KONRAD of Franconia, son of HEINRICH Graf [im Wormsgau] & his wife Adelheid [Matfriede] ([990]-Utrecht 4 Jun 1039, bur Speyer cathedral). "Heinricus…Romanorum imperator augustus" renewed the privileges of Kloster Fulda by undated charter, placed in the compilation with other charters dated 1020, witnessed by "Godifridi ducis, Berinhardi ducis, Thiederici ducis, Welphonis comitis, Cunonis comitis, Kunrati comitis, Ottonis comitis, Adilbrahtis comitis, Bobonis comitis, Friderici comitis, Bezilini comitis, Ezonis comitis palatini", the order of witnesses presumably giving some idea of the relative importance of these named nobles at the court of Emperor Heinrich II at the time. Herimannus names "Counradus senior, filius Heinrici et Adalheidæ" when recording his candidacy to succeed as king of Germany in 1024. Thietmar names "Konrad who had illegally married his own cousin, the widow of Duke Ernst" when recording that he was wounded when Gerhard Graf von Metz (his maternal uncle) met Godefroi II Duke of Lower Lotharingia for "a judicial duel" 27 Aug 1017. Wipo, in his description of the election of Konrad II King of Germany in 1024, calls him "Cuono of Worms Duke of the Franks" and "Cuono the Younger". He was elected as KONRAD II King of Germany at Chamba, Rheingau 4 Sep 1024, crowned at Mainz 8 Sep 1024. Crowned King of Italy at Milan in Mar 1026. Crowned Emperor KONRAD I at Rome 26 Mar 1027. Rudolf III King of Burgundy in 1032 bequeathed his kingdom to Emperor Konrad, who was crowned king of Burgundy at Payerne 2 Feb 1033. Konrad's succession in Burgundy was challenged by his wife's first cousin Eudes II Comte de Blois, with support from Géraud Comte de Genève, but he consolidated his position by 1037 when he proclaimed a law which established the basis for the inheritance of titles and offices in the kingdom. Founded Kloster Limburg 1024-1032. The necrology of Prüm records the death "II Non Iun" of "Cuonradus imperator". The Annales Spirenses record his burial at Speyer.

m ([31 May 1015/Jan 1017]) as her third husband, GISELA of Swabia, widow firstly of BRUNO Graf [von Braunschweig], secondly of ERNST Duke of Swabia [Babenberg], daughter of HERMANN II Duke of Swabia & his wife Gerberga of Upper Burgundy (11 Nov 990-Goslar 15 Feb 1043, bur Speyer cathedral). The Annalista Saxo names her three husbands, although the order of her first and second marriages is interchanged which appears impossible chronologically. She was crowned Queen of Germany at Köln 21 Sep 1024. Crowned empress, with her husband, at Rome 26 Mar 1027. The Annalista Saxo records the death of "Gisla imperatrix mater Heinrici regis" on "XVI Kal Martii" and her burial at Speyer. The necrology of St Gall records the death "XV Kal Feb" of "Gisila imperatrix". Herimannus records her death at Goslar. The Annales Spirenses record the burial at Speyer of "Heinricus senior [=Heinricus IV] et aviam suam", the latter assumed to be his paternal grandmother Gisela rather than his maternal grandmother.

Emperor Konrad & his wife had three children: Heinrich, Beatrix and Mathilde. 1

Konrad married Gisela von Schwaben, daughter of Hermann II von Schwaben Herzog von Schwaben and Gerberge de Bourgogne.1 (Gisela von Schwaben was born on 11 Nov 990,1 died on 16 Feb 1043 in Goslar, Niedersachsen, 38640, DE 1 and was buried in Domkirche St. Maria und St. Stephan, Speyer, 67346, DE 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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