Gaucher II de Salins Seigneur de Salins
Gaucher III de Salins Seigneur de Salins
(-After 1087)
Hugues de Salins


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Hugues de Salins

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HUGUES . "Guichardus eiusdem ecclesiŠ canonicus et archidiaconus" donated property inherited from "matris meŠ ErmenburgŠ...avus meus genitor eius Humbertus...Salinis", and which "frater meus Humbertus" later granted him, to Besanšon Saint-Etienne by charter dated 27 Dec 1087, the same charter recording that later "Gualcherius avunculi eius Gualcherii filius", anticipating his inheritance from the donor, claimed the property from the church but that "Gualcherius et filii mei Humbertus et Hugo" confirmed the donation. "Domnum Walcherium de Salins" donated the church of Mezges to Cluny by charter dated [1100] which names "filiis suis Humberto atque Hugone". 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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