Albert de Gallandon
(-After 1033)
Hervé de Gallandon
Guy de Gallandon
(-After 1135)


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Guy de Gallandon

  • Died: After 1135

  General Notes:

GUY de Gallardon (-after [1135]). Hugues "Gualardonensium dominus", about to leave for Jerusalem, founded Auneau priory by charter dated to [1100] which names his wife Agnes, daughter Mathilde "parvula" and his brothers Guérin, Guy and Milon. "...Guido de Galardone..." subscribed the undated charter, recorded in the cartulary among other charters dated to the late 11th/early 12th centuries, under which "Hugo...Berbellus" donated property to Saint-Père de Chartres. Seigneur d'Auneau. "Guido de Alnetello, Nivelo, Hugo de Castro Theoderici, Hubertus prefectus, Herveus de Galardone..." subscribed the charter dated to [1101/29] under which "Hugo vicecomes" confirmed to Chartres Saint-Père the possession of "vicariam de Belsia". A charter dated to [1135] records the renunciation of claims made "coram Guidone de Alneolo et Goselino filio eius" by "Richerium de Vilers et Radulfum filium eius" over "terra apud Armentarvillam" in favour of Saint-Jean-en-Vallée.
m ---. The name of Guy's wife is not known.
Guy & his wife had one child.

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