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(Bef 1056-1138)
de Lacy
Payn FitzJohn of Ewyas
(Bef 1100-1137)
Sibylla de Lacy
(-After 1140)
(-After 1190)


Family Links

1. Warin [I] de Munchensy

  • Ralph de Munchensy
  • Hubert de Munchensy
  • de Munchensy
  • de Munchensy
  • Alice de Munchensy
  • William de Munchensy+
2. Halenald de Bidun


  • Marriage (1): Warin [I] de Munchensy
  • Marriage (2): Halenald de Bidun
  • Died: After 1190

  General Notes:

AGNES, daughter of PAYN FitzJohn of Ewyas, co. Hereford, Sheriff of Hereford and Shropshire & his wife Sibyl de Lacy (-after 1190). The Rotuli de Dominabus of 1185 records property "Holkham" held by "Agnes de Muntchenesy…lx annorum…filia Pagani filii Johannis", adding that she had "iii filios primogenitus…Radulphus et secundus Willelmus…ambo milites, tertius…Hubertus…clericus…[et] ii filias…una nupta Stephano de Glanville et altera Willemo Painel". She married secondly Halenald de Bidun. The primary source which confirms her second marriage has not yet been identified. The Red Book of the Exchequer, listing scutage payments in [1190/91], records "Agnes de Montchanesi" paying "xiii s" in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire.

Agnes married Warin [I] de Munchensy, son of Hubert [I] de Munchensy and Muriel de Valoignes. (Warin [I] de Munchensy died before 1162.)

Agnes next married Halenald de Bidun, son of Halenald de Bidun and Anneta. (Halenald de Bidun died before 1185.)

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