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Sir Ralph Pirot
(Abt 1195-Bef 1252)
(Abt 1205-After 1256)
Giles de Argentein of Melbourn & Wymondley
(1210-Bef 1282)
Margery de Aguillon
(1222-Between 1267/1274)
Sir Ralph Pirot
(Abt 1225-Bef 1305)
Cassandra de Argentein
(Abt 1240-After 1279)
Simon Pirot of Lindsell (Essex) & Sawston (Cambs)
(Abt 1259-Between 1314/1329)


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1. Elizabeth

Simon Pirot of Lindsell (Essex) & Sawston (Cambs) 1 2

  • Born: Abt 1259
  • Marriage (1): Elizabeth 1
  • Died: Between 3 Aug 1314 and 1329 1 2


Manorial Estate, 1305-1327, Pyratts Manor, Sawston, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2, GB. 1 The main estate in Sawston at Domesday, comprising 4 hides, was held before the Conquest by three unfree sokemen from Alfric Campe. William I gave the land to Eudes the steward, (fn. 93) and it presumably became part of his honor, though no overlord was mentioned after 1086, and by 1236 the terre tenant held the estate in chief. (fn. 94) In 1086 it was held from Eudes by Pirot, and it became known as PYRATTS or SAWSTON manor. By c. 1210 it was held by Ralph Pirot, (fn. 95) presumably by direct descent from Pirot. Ralph died in 1222 and his son and heir Richard between 1224 and 1227. (fn. 96) The Sawston manor remained for her life with Ralph's widow Joan, who held 2 fees there with her second husband Richard Attaneston c. 1235, and died after 1256. (fn. 97) Richard Pirot's brother Ralph was lord over Pyratts manor in 1236 and 1242. (fn. 98) After Ralph's death in 1252 his son Ralph succeeded to the manor, which comprised 397 a. in 1279. (fn. 99) Shortly before he died in 1305 Ralph Pirot conveyed his land at Sawston to his younger son Simon; (fn. 100) Simon was alive in 1327, but by 1329 his widow Elizabeth was in possession as joint tenant. (fn. 101)

Inquisition: Post mortem, 26 May 1305. 3 325. RALPH PYROT alias PIROT.

Writ to the escheator to proceed at once with the inquisition he was lately commanded to make, whether the said Ralph being of sound mind granted to Simon his son for life the manors of Sauston and Lyndesle, as the said Simon asserts, or not &c., 26 May, 33 Edw. I.

CAMBRIDGE. Inq. Wednesday before St. Margaret, 33 Edw. I.

Saustone. The said Ralph ten days and more before his death, being sound in will and memory (in bona voluntate et memoria), gave the manor to his son Simon, who peacefully continued his seisin for fifteen days and more until the escheator took the manor into the king's hand: it is held of the king in chief for two knight's fees, doing however the service of one knight in war.

Ralph, son of Ralph son of Ralph deceased, aged 13 and more, is his next heir.

ESSEX. Inq. Friday before Whitsunday, 33 Edw. I.

Lindesele. The said Ralph a fortnight before his death, being of sound mind and memory, granted the manor to Simon his son and enfeoffed him by his charter, who was in peacefull seisin until the escheator took the manor into the king's hands after the said Ralph's death: the manor (extent given) is held of the king in chief by service of a knight's fee.

Heir as above, aged 14.

Endorsed: Let it be done by a fine of 20l. and the trespass pardoned and let the fine be enrolled in the chancery.

C. Edw. I. File 120. (3.)

Inquisition: Post mortem, 3 Aug 1314. 4 489. RALPH PIROT.

Writ, 3 Aug. 8 Edw. II.

CAMBRIDGE. Inq. 13 Aug. 8 Edw. II.

Sauston. The manor (extent given), held of the king in chief for 1/2 knight's fee, and by service of doing suit at the county (court) of Cambridge, and at the king's hundred of Wytlesford.

Ralph Pyrot his kinsman, aged 21 on the feast of St. Margaret (?) last, is his next heir.

Return from the escheator, that after this inquisition was taken one Simon Pyrot arraigned an assize of novel disseisin of the said manor against Ralph the heir, and against the escheator and others, which has proceeded to the injury of the king's estate (status).

C. Edw. II. File 35. (4.)

Simon married Elizabeth.1


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