Ralph Pirot
(Abt 1140-Bef 1195)
(Abt 1144-)
Ralph Pirot
(Abt 1165-Bef 1222)
Sir Ralph Pirot
(Abt 1195-Bef 1252)


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1. Joan

Sir Ralph Pirot 2 3

  • Born: Abt 1195
  • Marriage (1): Joan 1
  • Died: Bef 19 Feb 1252 1 4

   Another name for Ralph was Ralph Perrott of Carlton & Lindsell.

  General Notes:

Ralph Pirot, brother and heir, fined for exemptions from accompanying the King upon his expeditions to Brittany, 1230, and to Gascony in 1242. He m. Joan (who survived him), and d. shortly before 19 Feb 1251/2.

(e) In Mich. term 1253, Joan, who was wife of Ralph Pirot, was suing Ralph Pirot, son of Ralph Pirot, as to lands in Cambs, and was defendant as to lands in Sawston in 1256. 1


Manorial Estate, 1220-1252, Sandowne Manor, Worth, Deal, Kent, CT14, GB. 5 SANDOWNE, so called from the sand downs over which it principally extends, is a manor, which lies partly in this parish, and partly in that of St. Clement's, in Sandwich, within the jurisdiction of which corporation the latter part of it is. This manor was antiently the estate of the Perots, who held the same, as the private deeds of this name and family shew, as high as the reign of king Henry III. Thomas de Perot died possessed of it in the 4th year of that reign, at which time he had those privileges and franchises, the same as other manors of that time; Henry Perot, the last of this name, at the beginning of king Edward III.'s reign, was succeeded by John de Sandhurst, who left an only daughter and heir Christian, who married William de Langley.

Manorial Estate, 1232-1252, Windridge Manor, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, GB. 6 ...The other portion of the manor went to Richard Pirot, whose brother Ralph recovered it in a suit against Ranulph Brito in 1228\endash 32. (fn. 117) In 1287 Ralph Pirot claimed free warren in his demesne lands at Windridge, and in 1277\endash 8 he claimed the right of presenting a leper to the hospital of St. Julian, and on the death of one to present another. (fn. 118) Joan daughter of Ralph Pirot held a fourth and a fortieth part of a knight's fee in Windridge in 1303. (fn. 119) In 1321 Reginald son of Ralph Pirot of Herlingdon conveyed the manor to John son of Robert Pecok of Redbourn, (fn. 120) bringing the two portions of the manor together.

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Manorial Estate, 1236-1252, Pyratts Manor, Sawston, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2, GB. 7 The main estate in Sawston at Domesday, comprising 4 hides, was held before the Conquest by three unfree sokemen from Alfric Campe. William I gave the land to Eudes the steward, (fn. 93) and it presumably became part of his honor, though no overlord was mentioned after 1086, and by 1236 the terre tenant held the estate in chief. (fn. 94) In 1086 it was held from Eudes by Pirot, and it became known as PYRATTS or SAWSTON manor. By c. 1210 it was held by Ralph Pirot, (fn. 95) presumably by direct descent from Pirot. Ralph died in 1222 and his son and heir Richard between 1224 and 1227. (fn. 96) The Sawston manor remained for her life with Ralph's widow Joan, who held 2 fees there with her second husband Richard Attaneston c. 1235, and died after 1256. (fn. 97) Richard Pirot's brother Ralph was lord over Pyratts manor in 1236 and 1242. (fn. 98) After Ralph's death in 1252 his son Ralph succeeded to the manor, which comprised 397 a. in 1279. (fn. 99) Shortly before he died in 1305 Ralph Pirot conveyed his land at Sawston to his younger son Simon; (fn. 100) Simon was alive in 1327, but by 1329 his widow Elizabeth was in possession as joint tenant. (fn. 101)

Manorial Estate, 1252, Harlington Manor, Harlington, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 6, GB. 3 HARLINGTON MANOR at the time of the Domesday Survey comprised 5 hides of land, and was held by Nigel de Albini, (fn. 3) to whose descendants the overlordship belonged, as pertaining to their barony of Cainhoe. (fn. 4) Ralph Pyrot or his ancestors apparently obtained the manor of Harlington by subinfeudation from the Albinis before the early part of the 13th century, (fn. 5) and held it from them by the services of one knight's fee. A Ralph Pyrot is returned as lord of the manor in 1276, (fn. 6) and in 1302 as owner of the vill, part of which was held by the Abbot of Woburn in frank almoigne. (fn. 7) In 1301 Ralph settled the manor on his son Reginald, (fn. 8) who held Harlington after the death of his father, which occurred circa 1315, in which year Reginald obtained seisin of the manor. (fn. 9) In 1317 (fn. 10) and again in 1320\endash 1 (fn. 11) he was summoned to answer a plea of debt, which in default of payment was to be satisfied by a levy on his Bedfordshire estates. This was evidently the cause of the levying of a fine on his Harlington property in 1321 in favour of Nicholas de Boweles, (fn. 12) though the manor did not pass away from the Pyrot family till some years later.

Some time previous to 1330, in consequence of the death of Reginald Pyrot and the minority of his heir, John St. Amand, his overlord, assumed the wardship and took the issues of the lands, enjoying the same until his own death, when they were seised by the escheator as the right of the king, but were restored on proof being made that the manor was not held of the king in chief, (fn. 13) and on attaining his majority Ralph, the heir of Reginald Pyrot, entered into possession.

In 1336 he alienated the manor to his overlord, Almaric St. Amand, (fn. 14) who held this knight's fee in Harlington in 1346, (fn. 15) and by a feoffment of 1369 settled Harlington Manor on trustees to hold for himself and his issue. (fn. 16) The following year he was compelled to pay a fine of 20 for the alienation made without royal licence. (fn. 17)

Almaric died in 1381, and Harlington Manor, then valued at 10 per annum, passed to his son, another Almaric. (fn. 18)

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Inquisition, 19 Feb 1252. 4 241. Ralph Pirot alias Pyrot.

Mandate from the abbot of Pershore to the escheator of Essex, with transcript of writ, 19 Feb. 36 Hen. III.

Ralph Pyrot, knt., his son, aged 26 and more, is his heir.

[Essex.] Extent (undated).

Lindesel manor (extent given), held of the king in chief by service of 2 knights' fees.

Cambridge. Inq. (undated.)

Sauston town, 2 knights' fees, viz.- 175 a. and 1r. land in demesne, 4l. 8s. 1d. rent of free tenants, 14s. from customary tenants and cottars, and 20s. from meadow, held of the king in chief.

C. Hen. III. File 12. (16.)

Ralph married Joan.1 (Joan was born about 1205 and died after 1256 2.)


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